MachMotion X15-250 CNC Controller

Summary of video: This two minute video is an introduction to MachMotion'¬ôs X15-250 CNC Controller. The video covers: turning the unit on, the stowable keyboard and protected mouse, Mach 3 and Windows OS, network and USB support, along with your CNC controls (axis select, jog, feed rate override, cycle start, hold, and emergency stop).

Video Transcript:

0:06 Today I'm going to be telling you about the MachMotion X15-250 CNC Control. This is our primary CNC Control. We use it for pretty much all of our systems. The computer runs Windows 7, and it has 2 gigs of RAM, a solid state hard drive. To turn on the control, it has a key and a lock, a powered switch here. Just put the key in the lock, turn it, and release, and it turns the computer on.

0:39 The control has a ball mouse here that moves the mouse. It's got just a standard left-right click ball. The control is network adaptable so you can hook it up to your local network, and it lets you push GCode files or whatever else you want to control without having to carry a USB or create the files on the control itself. The control has an operator panel here. It's got jog buttons, axis selector. You can have up to six axis. You've got continuous jog and step jog for your speeds and then feed rate override for controlling the speed of the program while you're running it. Now, we've got cycle start, a feed hold, and emergency stop.

1:20 Our control runs Mach 3 Control Software. It has a real time tool path; it can run GCode. It also has wizards to be able to build parts just by putting in your dimensions and numbers and that kind of thing. The control has a stowable keyboard here. So, it’s a standard corded keyboard and then on the side of the keyboard here we have an easily accessible USB port for transporting files to and from the control. The control features a 17-inch monitor which is very easy to read and use.

1:57 The X15-250 along with all MachMotion products comes with a one year warranty. It also comes with free support. Because of the network connectivity of the control, we are actually able to log in remotely to your system to help you with setup and troubleshooting. I hope you have a better idea now of the X15-250's features and capabilities. If you want to see more, you can watch other videos and visit us at