Wardjet Waterjet Machine Upgrades

We make the process of upgrading your WARDjet waterjet machine controller simple. Whether you work with cutting composites, plastics, metals, stone, granite, foam, or other materials with your WARDjet, you need a machine that you can rely on to keep you in production. Request a quote today!

Waterjet Cutter Machine
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Easy-To-Use CNC Controller

Experience the next level of your WARDjet waterjet machine! The MachMotion 2000 series smart CNC controller is intuitive and easy-to-use with any level of CNC experience, beginner to experienced!

Upgraded WARDjet waterjet machine by MachMotion
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Installation of our pre-configured control packages is simple! You can use your own maintenance team to complete a self-install or opt for our turn-key service and our experts will complete the process on-site!

WARDjet Waterjet Cutting Machine
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Lifetime Remote Support

Troubleshooting your WARDjet waterjet machine is simple! By email, remote login, or phone we help keep your team in production. No automated systems or wait times - A real dedicated team of experts ready to assist you!

MachMotion All Inclusive CNC Retrofit Kit


You won’t have to assemble a box full of 1000 parts and wires yourself with MachMotion. The WARDjet waterjet machine controller components come preassembled and quality inspected, ready for installation. By doing so, we can ensure installation goes smoothly whether you install it yourself or opt for a turnkey installation with our team of experts.


21″ touch-screen CNC controller
Wireless pendant
Pre-wired & labeled electrical panel
Servo drives & motors
1-Year Warranty

Update your WARDjet waterjet machine in 5 simple steps!

1. Remove old control components

2. Mount servo motors & run cables

3. Mount electrical enclosure & controller

4. Power on & configure

5. Get back to making parts!


Every machine is unique to its application. No matter if you are using your WARD jet waterjet machine to cut for Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial, Plastics, Packaging, and more, every system is made to order. Our engineering team has seen 100’s of machines and knows how to build an upgrade kit to keep you in production for years to come.

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