Why are you losing production time with unnecessary manual tool setting?

Why are you losing production time with unnecessary manual tool setting?

Production slows down with manual set-up processes.

Rather than wasting time with a manual process, why not automate it and ensure accuracy? It is essential that the whole shop is on the same page when it comes to measuring tools manually for length when there are multiple operators. Inaccuracies in this manual step can lead to inaccurate cuts, wasted materials, and loss of valuable production time.

Can you see how this would affect your overall production goals and slow down your processes?


Increase CNC router productivity and decrease downtime

We’ve found many CNC router operators in the industry are eliminating wasted time and ensuring better accuracy by adding an automatic tool setter to their CNC Routers. Automatic tool setters are an easy way to simplify your process and reduce lost production time. They can be used to quickly and proficiently set multiple tools without manual intervention, leading to better efficiency, reduced human error, and more production uptime. 

Minimize time setting up tools and maximize production

As you consider optimizing your CNC router controls, you can eliminate the risks of inaccuracy and time wasted not in production. By upgrading the controls and adding an automatic tool setter, you can help ensure a consistent process of setting your tool offsets. Additionally, the automatic tool setter assists with detecting broken tools, streamlining your setup processes, and better-utilizing the operator’s time in production. 

Watch the video below to see Marcus Shultz from MachMotion’s Quality Assurance Team demonstrate how easy it is to use the automatic tool setter with MachMotion’s 2000 series controller. 


Hey guys Marcus again with MachMotion. Today I’m going to show you how easy it is to use our automatic tool setter. Let’s jump over to our control So all you have to do is, I’ve already got it on the tools tab. I have the tool setter already pulled up. Right now we’ve got three currently so I’m going to do one through three. Auto measure, press our cycle start, and the machine will take care of the rest.

And there you have it. It’s that easy. Instead of taking 15 or 20 minutes or maybe even more, you can just use our programs to do it in just a couple of minutes. If you like that content please like and share and smash that subscribe button. We’ll see you the next time.

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