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Take a peek at the CNC Router Controller Demo if your production CNC machines are running on unsupported controls. Or, if something as simple as a cracked screen is nearly impossible to replace. Restore your quality CNC machines and give them a second life with an expert support team behind it. – Upgrade your CNC controls with MachMotion! 

Watch the quick 3-min video to see a demo of the MachMotion 2000 series CNC Controller Retrofit Pacakage  on a CNC router with a wine rack tool changer and an automatic tool setter — to make production simpler than ever before. The controller is a sealed unit with a 21” touch screen. Features like auto spindle warm-up and a customizable dashboard are just some of the features that make this controller upgrade highly efficient for all different production applications. 

Adding an automatic tool setter allows you to measure your tool length with a click of a button. Easily load G-Code from you server for fast access straight from your controller. You can even preview the tool path right from your cnc controls. Utilize the wireless MPG pendant to freely move around the machine and remain in control. It even has a magnet to allow you to store it directly on the controller enclosure when not in use. 

Enhance the functionality of your CNC machines, like the CNC router upgrade featured in the video! You can do a self installation similar to this or you can have the MachMotion team do it all for you with our turnkey installation service. When you choose to upgrade with us, our controller support team is here for you for the lifetime of the control. Controller support is very important to keeping your CNC machines running on the production schedule. No matter how simple or complex your issue is, our support team is only a phone call or click away! Learn more about our lifetime support here.

When you work with MachMotion, you can update your machine with all the ease of a new machine, but for as little as 1/3 of the cost.

CNC Controller Demo

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