AXYZ 7012 CNC Router Upgrade

AXYZ 7012 CNC Router Upgrade With MachMotion

AXYZ 7012 CNC Router Turnkey Retrofit

AXYZ 7012 CNC Router Gets A Second Life


This AXYZ 7012 CNC router was shipped to our plant by our customer for a full turnkey upgrade. We replaced the front-end control with our MachMotion 2000 series controller, as well as the electrical enclosure, motors. We also upgraded the servo motors to a closed-loop stepper system, allowing the operator to monitor the positioning of the motors at the control itself. Watch the video below to see it in action!

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When you upgrade your CNC router, lathe, waterjet, mill, or grinder with the MachMotion 2000 series control backed by our lifetime remote support, you don’t have to worry about problems down the line. It won’t matter what challenges you encounter in the future, your manufacturing operations will remain in production with our dedicated team of service support standing behind you.  


Hi, Nate here with MachMotion. I’m standing next to this AXYZ 7012 cnc router machine. Our customer shipped this machine to us for a complete retrofit of the control. We replaced the front-end control to our 2000 series control. We have updated the electrical enclosure in addition to updating the motors on this machine. We’ve gone to a completely closed-loop system. This allows us to monitor positioning of the motors at the control itself.

We’ve been able to take a machine that ran at 500 inches per minute this machine now runs at 1000 inches per minute rapid speeds. We can also cut at a full 250 inches per minute while getting true square squares and true round circles. In addition to the control upgrade, we can now support this machine like an OEM would support a new machine tool for a second life in production. We have developed a 2000 series control so that machine is easy to run. I just set up my material with our wireless pendant able to freely move around the machine. I’ve loaded my thumb drive and in 3 touches I can load my g-code program and run the machine.

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