MultiCam Router Retrofits

MultiCam Router Controller Upgrades

Tired of dealing with unplanned downtime on your MultiCam Router? Updating your controls can increase productivity and help you achieve:

• Faster cycle times
• Tool Automations
• Conversational Programming


21″ Touch-screen CNC controller
Wireless pendant
Pre-wired & labeled electrical panel
Servo drives & motors
Control mounting & stand options
1-Year Warranty
Lifetime Remote Support
MachMotion All Inclusive CNC Retrofit Kit
MultiCam Router Installation
MachMotion Icon Production-Ready Guarantee on CNC Controller Upgrades

Professional Installs

Upgrade your MultiCam router with the help of our team! We guarantee you your CNC router will be production-ready with our professional CNC retrofit installation & onsite commissioning.

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Intuitive CNC Controls

Simplify your cutting process with a Multicam CNC router upgrade! From beginners to experts, the MachMotion CNC control is easy-to-learn! Maximize the efficiency of your machine while minimizing operator fatigue.

MultiCam Router Support
MachMotion Icon Free Lifetime Customer Support on CNC Controller Upgrades

Lifetime Remote Support

Our lifetime support & remote diagnostic services are no additional charge. Troubleshoot your upgraded MultiCam router by remote login, email, or phone. Our highly-trained experts are here to assist you - no automated bots here!

MultiCam Router Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own design software?

The answer is yes!

Utilize the design software your team’s already familiar with including Enroute, Fusion 360, BobCad/CAM, Vectric (Aspire, Vcarve, etc.), Rhinoceros, Autodesk AutoCAD, SprutCAM, MeshCAM, CamBam, and many other brands!

Can I customize the control screen?

Yes, you can!

Add your favorite cutting functions to the main screen in just a few clicks. Make the screens as lean or advanced as you need for your MultiCam CNC router. You can even lock users out of specified screens and tabs for security.

What if I need help while operating?

Remote support is included.

When connected to the internet, we can log in to your MultiCam router control remotely and see exactly what you see on the screen. Our dedicated support team can quickly diagnose & resolve your controller issues remotely.

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