CNC Centerless Grinder Retrofits

Centerless Grinder Control Retrofits and Upgrades

Don’t get rid of a mechanically-sound CNC centerless grinder; avoid a six-figure investment by simply upgrading the controls.


  • Maximize your uptime with easy setup and conversational dressing programming


  • Automate your process with autoloaders, auto dressing, or by adding a robot, all on a machine your team is already familiar with.


  • Never let a lack of support stop production; we offer FREE customer service for the lifetime of the control.

Don’t scrap a quality machine

No system control is designed to last forever, but that doesn’t mean you have to scrap the whole machine. When your system becomes unreliable or stops working altogether, buying a new (or used) machine isn’t your only option. Instead, minimize disruption, frustration and downtime by upgrading your system controls. Read more

Choose a company that will stand behind their products

At MachMotion, we’re committed to ensuring your success. Upgrades are our main business, so we are experts at what we do. By partnering with us, you have guaranteed access to world-class customer service for the life of the control.
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"I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality, professionalism and support that MachMotion has provided. I look forward to the next integration."

Tom Kitchen, Machine Rebuilders CNC

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"MachMotion's support is second to none and we are always able to talk to someone on the phone when we need them."

Leith Whitley, Owner, T&S Machines & Tools

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"I’m actually a bit sad that my machine is running flawlessly now. I’m going to miss the conversations with everyone. I may just have to find another mill to retrofit!"
Tim Miller, Miller Farms

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"Every single person I came into contact with at MachMotion was outstanding! Very friendly and just welcoming. The team was very patient with my lack of knowledge and the support they lent was something I won’t forget for quite some time. You can just tell that this is a great company to work for because it shows in the employees’ faces. Thank you MachMotion!"

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Finance Your Retrofit

Low interest, easy application, and quick approval.
Calculate estimated payment now!



With thousands of upgrades in the market, and trusted by companies including:


Turnkey Install:
We’ll do it all. Just point us to your machine and let our experienced technicians do the rest.

Ship Your Machine:
We’ll pick up your machine, upgrade it and then ship it back ready for production!

Onsite Commissioning:
After you mount the new CNC control, motors, and electrical enclosure to your machine, we will come to your facility to finish the installation and train your operators

Features & Benefits

Minimize Downtime with Remote Log In Support


Program Simple or Complex Shape Dressing Profiles

In-feed / Thru-Feed Operations Standard with Every Package

Reduce Your Training Time

Speed up Your Process



Grind & Reg Wheel Profile Dressing


Add a Collaborative Robot for Machine Tending

Optimize Your Operator Interface



Centerless Grinding Control Brochure

2000 Series Centerless Grinder Operating Manual

CNC Control Model and Drawing


and start your CNC Centerless Grinder upgrade with one of our sales engineers.


One of our highly-trained sales engineers will work with you to assess your needs and deliver the best possible solution, at about a third of the cost of a new machine.


Our turnkey solutions make it easy for you to get back up and running quickly. Whether you opt for a self-install or have our team on-site, we’ll help make sure your upgrade is stress-free.


You can rest easy knowing that not only is your MachMotion control one of the best on the market, it comes with lifelong, world-class support. When you need us, we’re only ever a phone call away.

Call me at (573) 368-7399 or enter your name and number here and I’ll get back with you within a few business hours.

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