Wireless Pendant Enhances CNC Operator Mobility

MachMotion Wireless Pendant Enhances CNC Operator Mobility

MachMotion Wireless Pendant

MachMotion has developed a fully integrated CNC controller retrofit package with a wireless pendant – helping operators to move around more safely and freely while remaining in control of the machine.


With older CNC machine controls, you are tethered to the machine by the control. You have no way of freely moving about the machine and being in control anywhere other than at the controller itself. When you upgrade with MachMotion, we include a wireless pendant that will give you full control over your machine from anywhere (within range) at your facility. Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits of using a wireless pendant and how you can upgrade your shop’s machines with new CNC control systems. 

Easy To Use, Modern & Intuitive Controls

There are many benefits that the wireless pendant provides to make operators’ lives easier. You can be away from the machine controller and jog the machine, cycle start and stop, set zeros, feed rate, home the machine and much more. The wheel on the bottom of the pendant provides an easy and intuitive way to jog the machine axes in any direction. The magnetic back panel gives your team an easy way to store the wireless pendant right on the controller. 

The wireless pendant is a convenient way to control your CNC machine. It not only makes your operation safer, but also more efficient. It provides CNC operators with safe mobility, so they don’t have to worry about tripping or dislodging cables. 

Watch the 2-min video below to see how the wireless pendant works!

How You Can Upgrade Your Existing Machines

If you are motivated to upgrade your CNC machines due to outdated technology or just to get your system running again, we have a solution for you. The MachMotion 2000 series control is loaded with the latest technology that lets your CNC machine run even better than it did the first day you bought it. At MachMotion, we redefine what it means to get a CNC router retrofit. You don’t pay for a box of loose parts and cables. You invest in a pre-built, fully integrated CNC control system ready for installation.

Each MachMotion CNC retrofit kit comes with:

  • A Sealed 21” Touch Screen HMI Control
  • Wireless Remote Pendant 
  • Pre-wired & Labeled Electrical Panel
  • New Servo Drives & Motors
  • Control Mounting Options (Arm or Stand)
  • 1-Year Standard Warranty
  • Remote Support For The Lifetime Of The Controller


Reach out to us to discuss your machine and one of our expert sales engineers will be happy to consult with you. Ask about our Machine Health Check service for a full inspection of the mechanical and electrical components of your machines! 

We also include a standard 1-Year warranty and FREE Remote Support for the lifetime of the CNC Controller, guaranteeing that your team can continue cutting parts and making chips no matter what questions you may come across once your machine is back in production! Check out the 10 benefits to a CNC router retrofit to read about all the benefits of upgrading your machine!


Hey, it’s Marcus with MachMotion. Today I have our wireless pendant that you can connect to any one of our 2000 series controls. It’s super easy, it just takes a few clicks to set one of these up and these are really handy. There’s multiple different functions on here you can manually jog your machine so in this case I’m manually controlling Z then Y. I can even control the speed.

Just like that. There’s Cycle Start, Feed Hold, Cycle Stop and several different programmable buttons so you can customize it. You can control your feed rate as well and also you can do a manual tool change so if I just reach underneath here pull out your tool and then put it back.

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