Production-Ready Guarantee

What is a Production-Ready Guarantee?

Choose a company that will stand behind their products. We guarantee we will get your CNC machine production-ready, whether you choose to do a turnkey installation or onsite commissioning.


What is a Turnkey installation? Either we do the entire upgrade at your site or you ship the machine to MachMotion. In both cases, you don’t have to do anything other than possibly load and unload the machine and run power to it.


What is Onsite Commissioning?  It means that you are doing some of the work. Either all the mechanical or the mechanical and electrical, and MachMotion is coming on-site to finish the upgrade.


What is a Production-ready Guarantee? Production-ready Guarantee means everything in the MachMotion upgrade package has been installed correctly on the machine and that the software is configured and working according to the agreed-upon proposal. MachMotion is not responsible for any non-MachMotion supplied parts or components of the machine.

Turnkey – Production-ready Guarantee

  • We guarantee we will get your CNC machine production-ready.
  • We’re so confident, we will not charge you the last 50% of your order until your machine is production-ready!
  • We guarantee our workmanship and if anything fails after the first 90 days of our upgrade, we will come on-site for NO CHARGE to fix it if an on-site visit is required.
  • 50% Down, 50% Due once you’re production-ready.


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