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MachMotion: A Family-Owned Company

Founded in the 90s by Carl’s father, MachMotion is a family-owned business. Currently, Carl, his brothers, Dave, Andy, and Joel, own and run the company together, living out the values their parents instilled in them: work hard, live with integrity, and most importantly, have a heart for serving others. Being a family-owned business, values are at the heart of everything we do. Get to know MachMotion even more on our About page. It is important to each member of our team to uphold these values in their professional and personal lives. Watch the video below to learn more!


Hi I’m Carl Eldridge, the Chief Operations Officer at MachMotion. I want to give you some background on how MachMotion has helped over a thousand companies successfully upgrade their machines. MachMotion exists to partner with manufacturers to keep their CNC machines running with simple and easy-to-use technology. What sets us apart is really two things – First, upgrades is our primary business. Whether it’s our software, or our support, or engineering processes, or sales process, we are designed as a company to make upgrades as simple as buying a new machine. Secondly, we are there to partner for life. We understand what it’s like to be without support and we are there to partner with you for the long run of that machine. 

What you may not know is MachMotion is a family-owned company. My dad started it back in the 90s working on cnc machines and at this point the four brothers, myself included, as owners of the company. My mom and my dad instilled in us the values of hard work. They lived it, they took every day to do their best and applied themselves in what they were doing. I remember just the first control that my dad was working on and the perseverance and the hard work that he applied to and just continuing on to figure out the issues to get that product quality was incredible. My dad and my mom also lived with integrity. I remember my dad as he was filling out shipping paperwork for international shipments, people would beg him please write “gift” on it, but just with living with integrity he wouldn’t. Even though the tariffs would cost more and he knew there was a chance of losing that business, my parents passed those values on to us brothers, but the biggest thing I think – the overarching value that I see that my parents lived and that now my brothers live – is a heart for service. They taught us to see a need and to go serve it to find a problem and to solve it. 

They pointed us to the ultimate servant the lord Jesus Christ who came to this earth, lived among us, gave his life for you and for me. They challenged us to follow in his steps, to serve like he served. So I believe if you work with MachMotion long at all you will find that we care we are here to serve we want to help you. And that includes me, as the person running the company. If there’s a need and our customers need help, I am there to serve. Just last week someone was out and I’m on the phone helping our customers just serving and getting their machines running keeping their machines running and we are proud of the fact that we support the backbone of American manufacturing. We will do everything we can to keep your machines up to date, running, and making you money, and this goes throughout our departments. 

Every product you buy comes with a lifetime support guarantee. We are here to support you and our support team our service team is there on the phone ready to take your calls we want to work with you. They are trained to be able to resolve issues as quickly as possible. Our sales team is not interested in quick sell. We understand, we want to understand your needs. We want to understand the problem that you’re facing and give you a solution that really is going to work for you because, again, we’re partnering with you for the long run. Our production team takes pride in their work they know the pain and the headache that one loose connection can make and so they do their work with excellence. Our development team is passionate for making things easy and simple to use and for continually improving and just doing their work with excellence. 

So whether you have a mill, a CNC router a grinder, a lathe, or a waterjet – let us know. We want to work with you to upgrade that machine to keep your technology up to date. You can just point us in the direction of the machine and we will do the rest and we’re so confident we’ll give you a money-back guarantee. Or you can do parts of the upgrade too, or you can do it all and work with our service team online and through the phone to get that machine running and up-to-date. We cannot wait to get to serve you! Thanks so much.

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