The Complete Solution For Obsolete OSAI CNC Controls

The Complete Solution For Obsolete OSAI CNC Controls: E.F. San Juan’s Success Story

Find out how Down East Fabrication replaced an outdated CNC control on an older KOMO with MachMotion to run their existing machine better than ever.

When their C.R. Onsrud 146C18C CNC router’s controller became obsolescent, E.F. San Juan knew something had to be done before it ceased to function. Their OSAI controller had been experiencing difficulties with starting up and needed to be restarted multiple times in order to run. This caused an unplanned interruption just to get the CNC router up and running. Its aging control system was becoming a liability as time caught up with this once cutting-edge piece of equipment. Since the machine core was solidly constructed and well-maintained by their maintenance team, they began to look for a solution that would allow them to keep the machine and replace the OSAI controller. As a result of their search for a new controller solution, they found MachMotion.

The Threat of Aging CNC Controls

The rapid pace of technological advancements leads to what is yesterday’s state-of-the-art quickly becoming today’s outdated technology. The woodworking industry is no stranger to the challenges that these aging CNC controls bring on manufacturing processes and CNC machines. This was the situation E.F. San Juan saw coming rapidly. Their OSAI Controller, a formerly reliable asset, had reached a point where finding replacement parts and service support was comparable to searching for a needle in a haystack. 

Upon searching for a solution, the OEM recommended a refurbished controller. Due to the old nature of the controller and the fact that it wasn’t programmed, it ended up having to be shipped out for service multiple times. The device was even shipped globally to Italy for servicing, but it was not fixable. In the face of their current plan’s failure, unplanned downtime loomed as a constant threat. Production efficiency was compromised, and the prospect of having to replace the entire machine with a new one hung in the balance. E.F. San Juan was at a crossroads, faced with a difficult decision that could impact their ability to deliver on their legacy of exceptional woodwork.

The Search for a Retrofit Solution

As the clock was ticking Eddie San Juan, the Operations Manager at E.F. San Juan, knew that there had to be a better option out there to keep the C.R. Onsrud CNC router operating, without having to buy a new machine. The complications of extremely long lead times for new machines as well as the physical movement of a large machine like that including leveling, calibration, and disposal eliminated that option from their search. In their quest to overcome this challenge, he began searching online for a solution that could breathe new life into their aging CNC router. They needed a reliable retrofit solution and a partner who understood the intricacies of CNC machinery. After thoroughly researching options, Eddie discovered MachMotion’s retrofit solutions. 

The Retrofit Journey Begins

Seeing an opportunity to give their CNC router a second life, the CNC retrofit journey commenced. The MachMotion team began with an in-depth assessment of their machine’s unique needs. Based on a thorough understanding of the technical requirements, a custom-tailored solution was engineered along with a comprehensive plan to upgrade their C.R. Onsrud CNC router. Once the controller and electrical panel were built, it was time to send out the MachMotion install team to decommission the machine and get started on the upgrade. They replaced the obsolete OSAI controller with a state-of-the-art MachMotion control system, along with new servos, electrical panel, and wiring. This not only provided them with a modern controller and components but also capabilities that future-proof their machine against further obsolescence. It only took one week to decommission, install, and commission the system. As the retrofit reached completion, E.F. San Juan witnessed a noticeable improvement in their CNC router. What was once a machine on the verge of obsolescence had been transformed into a modern, efficient, and reliable workhorse.

The Results: A Reinvigorated Workhorse

Unplanned downtime no longer caused anxieties at their facility. Production worries about when and if the control would stop were put to rest. There is no more struggles getting the controller to start up. The machine’s cutting performance reached new heights, ensuring that every custom woodwork piece met the highest standards of quality. 

The upgraded control system not only breathed new life into the machine, but also opened doors to increased functionality and efficiency. The benefits were immediately evident. In the interview with Eddie post-install he stated “We’ve gained something that has allowed our more experienced operators to free up the machine and really take advantage of new efficiencies.” E.F. San Juan’s operators found the new control system to be intuitive and user-friendly, drastically reducing the learning curve. As a result, onboarding new team members was faster and more efficient.

Looking Ahead: A Future with MachMotion

In the world of woodworking, where precision and quality are essential, E.F. San Juan’s decision to embrace CNC retrofitting has positioned them as innovators in their field. The CNC retrofit success story of this company was a result of proactive planning and a vision for the long-term preservation of their trusted machine. They have not only saved a well-build CNC router from obsolescence but have also set the stage for future growth and development. Following the success of their first retrofit, they are already considering upgrading another machine. Their story serves as an inspiration to all businesses facing the challenge of aging and obsolete controls on their CNC machines. It’s a testament to the transformative power of proactive planning in the face of obsolescence. With MachMotion as their partner providing lifetime support, the legacy of craftsmanship that defines their family-owned business is set to thrive far into the future.

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