Interpreter 1000 CNC Motion Controller

Summary of videoThis two-video is an overview of the MachMotion Interpreter 1000 CNC Motion Controller. Covering inputs, outputs, relay controls, drives, and more.

Video Transcript:

0:07 Today I am going to be giving you an overview of the MachMotion Interpreter 1000 Motion Controller. The Interpreter 1000 has 32  24Volt DC inputs. They are all digital. They run from X-0 to X-15 here and then from X-16 to X-31. There’s 24Volt sources for them in each of the little blocks. Up at the top here, we have the outputs. They run from Y-0 as you can kind of see back here, up through Y-7, and then on this board we have Y-8 through to Y-15. And these are all 24Volt sourced digital outputs and then we've got the grounds here.

0:55 On this side we have five relays already hooked up to the outputs. These are the wires here. The outputs run to these relays here. This one is the enable relay for enabling your system; then we've got four just generic outputs for any kind of system that you need an output for. We also have din rail mounting so you can hook up more relays or anything else that you are needing to the back of the Interpreter. The Interpreter 1000 can control up to 6 axis simultaneously. It has + and - 10Volt analog control for each of the axis right along here. It also has 0-10Volt analog signal for controlling a spindle. For all of the drives, it has encoder feedback so there is a encoder feedback for the XYZ and the ABC right here. 

1:48 The Interpreter 1000 is powered using a standard computer power cable; it can take 110 up to 240, and it communicates with the control using this Ethernet cable. And that can be as far as from a control as ethernet can run. 

2:05 I hope you found the information in this video helpful, if you would like to learn more about MachMotion visit us at and watch other videos.