Slaving a CNC Axis using an Apollo I Control

Summary of videoThis video is a great tutorial on how to slave an axis using MachMotion’s Apollo I controller. We also demonstrate how to reverse slave the axis. The demonstration uses Mach III CNC control software.

Video Transcript:

0:07 Today I am going to be showing you how to slave an axis using an Apollo I from MachMotion. This is my X axis, and this is my A axis and right now when I jog the X, it just moves by itself. But I am going to be slaving the A, so that they move together. So the first thing that we're going to do is make sure that the X and the A axis are both enabled. So we go to ports and pins, motor outputs and X and A are both enabled, all of them are, but those two are enabled, so that's what we need. Then we're going to come up to config and then down here to Slave Axis. So here you can Slave any of the A, B and C axis to X, Y, or Z. So in this case I want to Slave A to X so I hit that, and I hit okay. So I have to restart Mach III for this to take affect. So close Mach III, end session, restart.

1:12 Now when I jog it, they’re moving together. Now depending on the mechanics of your machine, you might not want both motors to actually turn in the same direction with regards to the motors. So, we might want to reverse say the A axis, so that it turns opposite mechanically to what the X does. All right. So to change the direction, go to config and then Homing/Limits and here we have reversed, and then home negative for each of the axis and those are the two that are pertinent here. So, for this we're going to reverse the A axis and then hit okay.

1:50 So now when we jog, you can see the A axis on the right there, it goes reverse to the X. Once you have this all set up, and you have it jogging back and forth, it looks great, you're ready to start going. When you home it, you might have the situation where the gantry still wants to move catty corner.

2:10: So one goes one way, the other goes the other, even though jogging they do the same thing. To change that you just go to config, Homing/Limits, and check the home negative column for the A axis, and that will make it home the opposite direction so that it moves together and doesn't torque. I hope you found this video helpful, and if you would like to learn more about us, you can visit us at, and watch other videos.