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Wiring Limit Switches in the Apollo I and III

Summary of video: This short video will show you how to wire limit switches using the MachMotion Apollo I or III Controller Breakout Boards. Covered topics include: wiring, inputs, and power.

Video Transcript:

0:07 Alright, I’m going to be talking to you today about how to wire in limit switches on the Apollo Series board both I and III. So we're going to be talking about how to choose, what inputs to use, and how to wire up both single switches and multiple switches. We generally recommend putting the X limit switches into X1, the Y into X2, and then the Z into X3.

0:31 Different machines are going to have different configurations so you'll have to configure your switches specifically for your machine. But you can set them all up interchangeably in the software. So if it's different, that's fine. That's just our recommended configuration.

0:45 This is a normally closed limit switch. Now I'll do the example of wiring in the X limit switch. So we'll put in the switch into X1. Alright for the second, we’re going to bring in 24-Volt power, which is the C0+ bus up here, so I’m going to put that connection in and screw that down. Alright now that we’ve got the limit switch wired up, I’m going to bring in 24-Volt power to the board. As you can see, the LED for X1 has lit up, so now if we toggle the switch that turns on and off. So that’s how you wire in the limit switch.

1:27 Now to wire up multiple limit switches, we've got it wired in the same way as we had before with the single limit switch. And now we have them daisy chained like this. So you can see wire coming in, and we've got our complete circuit here.

1:42 The benefit to this is we’re still only using one input, but now we have two switches so we can have one over travel switch and a home switch or over travel and home, however you want to configure it. So these are both normally closed, wired-in series. As you can see, we’ve got our signal coming through. And then if I trigger either one of them, we get that signal coming in to the board. Alright, I hope you found this video helpful, and now you know how to wire up the Apollo I and Apollo III breakup boards from MachMotion.