Wiring an Enable Circuit using the Apollo III

Summary of video: This short video will show you how to wire an enable circuit with the MachMotion Apollo III Controller’s Breakout Board.

Video Transcript:

0:07 Alright. In this video, I'm going to show you how to wire up an enable circuit using the MachMotion Apollo III as an example. Alright. This is the MachMotion Apollo III breakup board. And we have the 24-EN signal coming here. This is a 24-volt enable signal.

0:25 Alright. From the hicon, we have the 24-volt enable signal coming here to the enable relay. The enable relay has the 24-volt in to one side of the coil, and then your ground here comes up to the ground for the 24-volt power supply. When the 24-volt enable turns on, it triggers the relay, which breaks one 10-power coming here, up to this contactor. The 110 triggers the contactor on and off, and we have our main power coming in the door switch. It runs around to the top of the contactor, so when the contactor triggers, it allows power to flow to our three-phase bus.

1:11 The three-phase power coming through the contactor into the bus here then goes out to all of the drives and VFDs, and any other main power devices that we have for the system. Now that you've got your enable circuit wired correctly, your system will be able to shut down in case of an emergency or e-stop condition. I hope you found this video helpful, and thank you for choosing MachMotion.