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Wiring a CNC Limit Switch

Summary of videoThis one-minute video shows you how to wire up a limit switch on a MachMotion

Video Transcript:

0:07: Today I'm going to be showing you how to wire up a limit switch on the Interpreter 1000 motion controller. Alright. Here, I've got a normally closed limit switch, and here are the inputs for the Interpreter 1000. On this board, we have X0 through X15, and so we're going to be wiring it into X0. So, one wire is going to go into the 24 volts. And our second wire here, going to put into X1. And you can see the LED turning on right there, because we've got power going through it, because it's normally closed switch.

0:46: I hit the switch. And now I've got our signal. So you'd have, say, X0 for your X-limit switches, X1 for your Y-limit switches, X2 for your Z-limit switches, or whatever configuration you need. You can also, if you wire multiple of these switches in series, you can put them all into the same input, for like, the X axis, or Y axis. And that's it. Now you know how to wire up a limit switch on the Interpreter 1000. If you'd like to learn more about MachMotion, you can visit us at MachMotion.com, and watch our other videos.