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Wiring a Yaskawa Drive & Axis Motor

Summary of videoThis three-minute video shows you how to wire a Yaskawa Drive & Motor. The Yaskawa Drive and Servo Motor is our top end, most feature-rich Servo drive. A number of our MachMotion Controls drive the Yaskawa Drive . You’ll see how simple the setup process is!

Video Transcript:


  • 0:07 Today I'm going to be showing you how to wire up a Yaskawa drive and motor. Yaskawas are our top end, most feature-rich Servo drive. When you get your Yaskawa axis, you'll have all these components. This is the control cable. This is the encoder feedback cable, and we have our adapter board, the motor encoder cable, the power cable, motor and drive. The Yaskawa drives have encoder feedback all the way to the motion controller. So, there's actually two cables, unlike some of our other systems which only have one or they don't have the encoder feedback. So this adapter board, we have the control plug here, and the encoder feedback plug here. All right. So to assemble all this, we put the control cable in there, and then we put the encoder cable into that side.

  • 0:55 Now we take the other ends here. So the control cable goes here in the bottom row, and the encoder feedback cable goes here in the top row. So next, we're going to connect the motor and the drive. So we're going to take the motor cable with the connector here, and screw it down nice and tight. Next, I'm going to take the encoder cable, and connect it here. It just goes on and snaps. To connect the power, we pull out the power plug here. It's labelled U, V, and W, which match the labels on here.

  • 1:35 So then we take our little crimper thing, and open it up to insert the wires for each one. So that's U, that's V, and then we've got W there. Now that we’ve got this wired up, we simply just plug it back in, and bring the ground connector over here to the ground terminal and tighten it down.

  • 2:13 So, to connect the encoder cable, we take the plug, put it into the CN2 connector here. Now that we have the motor and drive connected, all we have to do is plug the adapter cable into the CN1 on the drive, and that's it. Now that we've got everything connected, we need to bring in the power. So we bring out the power plug here. All right, to bring in the power. We bring in L1 and then L2, and in this demo, we're actually just doing a jumper from the L1 to the logic power, but if you were doing this in an enclosure, these would be actual separate power sources.

  • 2:57 So when we plug this back in, then we have this ground here. You’re normally not going to have that; we just have it because we're doing it on a wooden test bench. The adapter board requires 24 volt power, so we're going to take 24 volts here, and push it into pin one. Now that everything is wired up, we can turn on the power. Now you know how to wire up a Yaskawa axis. I hope you found this video informative and feel free to watch our other videos. If you wanted more information, feel free to visit us at MachMotion.com.