Wiring a Stepper Axis Motor and Drive

Summary of videoThis video is a quick 1-minute walk through of how to wire a Stepper Axis Motor and Drive - the least expensive servo motor available from MachMotion. You’ll see how simple it is!

Video Transcript:

0:07 Today, I'm going to be showing you how to wire up a Stepper Axis. A Stepper is the least expensive drive-motor combination that we sell and is good for a large number of applications. When you get a Stepper Axis from MachMotion, these are the components that you’re going to get. You have the control cable, the motor power cable, the motor and then this is the packaging and everything for the Stepper drive, right there.

0:39 First thing I'm going to do is connect the control cable between the Apollo III here and the drive. So we’ll plug it into the X axis and then plug in the control signals into the drive. Next thing we're going to do is connect the motor cable. So, plug that in, and bring the motor over and connect it like that. Finally, we're going to bring power to the drive. So this is the power plug, bring it here.

1:12 So, now we have power to the drive, and motor is locked. All right, so, as you can see it moves back and forth, and we have the run LED on the drive there working. All right, now you’ve seen how to wire up a Stepper Axis. If you wanted to see more about MachMotion, you can watch our other videos or go to MachMotion.com.

1:43 video ends (blank until 2:27)