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Setting Up An Axis in Mach3

Summary of videoThis four-minute video shows you how to setup an axis using

Our tech walks you through the process.

Video Transcript:

0:07 Today I'm going to be showing you how to setup an axis using a MachMotion Apollo III motion controller. First thing we're going to do is make sure that the axis is enabled. So come here to config, ports and pins, and motor outputs, and we're setting up the x axis here. And it is enabled. Other than the enabled checkbox on the motor outputs tab, none of the other fields matter. The Apollo III doesn't actually even look at them, so they can be set to whatever you want. We default them to 0, and have both of the step direction/direction low active checkboxes set to red. Now that we've got the axis enabled, we should have motion. So I'll clear the reset, and then I’m going to jog the x axis there. You can see it moving.

0:51 So, it's not scaled to what I want right now, so I'm going to come up here to config, and then motor tuning, and in this case, I know that my steps per is 125,000, and I'm going to hit save axis settings and am going to set my velocity to 200, and the acceleration at 40 is good, and hit okay. So now, that's a positive move. That's a negative move. Exact same speed, it's going a lot farther, so that's correct. So now the next step is, I'm going to change the direction. So on this, it's just a test stand so the direction doesn't actually matter, but for lots of systems you want the axis to go a certain way. So to reverse direction you go to config, then homing/limits and then here, since we're setting up the x axis, you'll check the reversed. Now, if you have the latest version of the Apollo III plugin, you're done here. This is all you have to do, and that's it.

2:01 If you have an older version you'll get a following error if you try to run it at this point, and so you'll have to go to config/plugins, and then click on the config next to the hicon line here, and that brings up the Apollo III hicon plugin. And then on whatever channel you're on, so x axis is going to be channel 0, you'll switch the hardware and coder polarity. Now, again, with the new plugin, this is not necessary and so it will automatically detect that. So in this case, I am not going to change it, but if I did need to, I would hit update hicon here. System configuration downloaded, then hit okay, and close out of those. So now my axis is reversed, and I'm going to run it here. So there is positive, and there's negative.

2:57 The last step for configuring an axis is defining which direction it goes when it homes. So to change that, you go to config, homing/limits, and here we’ve got it reversed but then if you want to change the end of the axis that it homes at. So say it homes over on this corner of your table, and you want it to home over here. You would hit the home negative, and it won't reverse the axis. All it will do is change the direction that it goes to home, and that will automatically change that. I hope you found this video helpful. If you'd like to find out more about us, you can visit us at MachMotion.com and feel free to watch our other videos.