Configuring an Axis in the Mach3 CNC Software

Summary of video: This short two-minute video walks you through the basics of how to configure an axis in Mach3 CNC software and then modify some of the related settings. Enabling, reversing, homing, changing home direction, jogging, and more are covered.

Video Transcript:

0:07 Today I'm going to show you how to configure an axis in Mach3, how to enable it, reverse the direction, and change the home direction. Alright, the first thing to do to setup an axis is to make sure it's enabled, so we’ll go to config, and ports and pins and then go to motor outputs. So here we can see the list of all of the axis; which ones are enabled and which ones aren't. So today, we will set up the X-axis. So it's already enabled and on MachMotion controls, we will have default parameters already set up. So this is set up for the Apollo 1 board with all the port and pin addresses pre-assigned.

0:46 So like I said, it's enabled so we're done here. You can close that. Next, we will come over here to config again in homing/limits. And the homing/limits window here controls the direction that the axis will move as well as the direction that it will home. So here in the first column, we've got the X-axis and the reverse column. So if you set up your machine, you've jogged it back and forth, since it’s enabled, and you're seeing that it is jogging the opposite direction than you want.

1:19 We just go to the reverse column on X and check it so it's a green check. And that will reverse the direction so it will jog the right way. So now you've tested it out, you were homing it, and it's going the opposite ends of the table that you want. So you come over here to the home negative column and check that and that will send at the opposite direction for homing. Hit “Okay” and that will save your changes. Now you know how to enable reverse motion direction and homing direction on each axis. If you’d like to see more, you can watch our other videos or visit us at