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Pines CNC-040 Pipe Bender Retrofit

Summary of video: This 3-minute video demonstrates a MachMotion CNC Tube Bender retrofit . The demonstration begins with setting up the pipe-bending routine in the Mach3 software. Beginning at 2:00 you can watch as pipe is loaded into the machine and the routine is run to bend the pipe to the previously-input specifications on the Pine machine.

Video Transcript:

0:12 Hello. This is a demonstration of the Pines 040 CNC Tube Bender with the new MachMotion control. I'm going to show you the step-by-step process of creating a new part. We're going to begin by going to bending sequence. We're going to create a new file. We will call this 'example,' and we're going to press Okay.

0:39 Here are our height dimensions. We have a one-inch diameter pipe, and our pipe is 72 inches long. Here's our die information, our pressure die link, and our die radius, that's all correct and setup for this machine. We're going to go ahead and press Save Configuration. Here we can begin creating our bends. For bend 1, we're going to come forward 5 inches. We don't need to rotate, because it's the first bend. We're going to do a 45-degree bend. We're going to save that bend and move on to the next.

1:22 (repeats the first section)

2:21 Here we're going to go 8 inches. We're going to rotate negative 180 degrees, and do another 45-degree bend, and save that bend. Bend 3, we're going to come forward 12 inches, rotate negative 90, and we're going to do a 30-degree bend. Save current bend.

2:53 And our part's finished. As you can see, it's very simple to go from drawing to part with the MachMotion control. Thanks for watching.