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MachMotion 1000 Mill Series Control

Summary of video
This four minute video is a great overview of how the MachMotion 1000 Series Mill Control works, demonstrating how straightforward the many included features and options are to use.

Video Transcript:

0:00 Hi, we're here today to give a quick tour of our MachMotion 1000 Series Mill Control. After opening up the software, you're prompted to press Cycle Start Enable Mach and home all axis. When you do that it will enable the system only axis. You could see that by the green LEDs up here. To start off here we’re in our locked DROs screen. These DROs can't be adjusted so the fixture offsets are not changing whatsoever.

0:26 You can view machine coordinates if you would like right there on the unlock screen. You are able now to manually adjust the fixture offsets and like so. You can zero the axis this way or you can home individual axis. Here we have a feed rate display with override controls or rapid override controls and then a tool display for the active tool number and diameter length information from the tool table.

0:56 Down on the bottom right, we have machine control buttons for mist/coolant or some auxiliary buttons that can be set up. We also have spindle control, so you can manually turn on the spindle and set the speed to whatever you'd like. Down on the bottom portion, we have a GCode tab where you can load, edit, close files and advanced run options tab that also shows the program limits. We also have an MDI tab that you can manually type in GCode lines and then Press Cycle starts to execute. 

1:36 And then lastly, we have on-screen jogging available. And of course, cycle control buttons: Cycle Start, Feed Hold, Stop, Reset, and Disable and Enable. This is a tool path display so whenever a GCode file is loaded, just choose recent, say okay. It loads our tool path. You can manipulate the tool path to see different layers and a path that’s going to be commanded. So to set this up, we can move the X and Y around. Again I'm being prompted to be in an unlocked screen to modify the fixture off it’s slide. So I go to that. I can set my X and then if we move the Y up where we are on the edge, to set that there. And again it's setting it that, because I have a two hundredth’ edge diameter. But now my zero’s set, and of course we can zero our Z from apart, and we're ready to go.

2:55 So, right now we'd be perfectly fine to hit Cycle Start and Continue. However, let's imagine we wanted to start further into this program along the way. So you can see that white now it's clicked. It's processed through the GCode, but I can select Run from here. It's going to bring up a prompt, and I'm going to move the X and Y to position first. And then now I’ll move the Z down to the correct depth. Turn on the spindle, and we're ready to press Cycle Start to run from this line of GCode.

3:56 And that's the end of the program. So again this is just a simulated demo of how our control works. We’ll have further videos, explaining tools setup, and some of our other functions, but I hope this explains a little bit about how the MachMotion 1000 Series Mill Control operates. Thanks.