Upgrading Your Thermwood CNC Router Repairs

Upgrading Your Thermwood CNC Router Repairs – A Better Alternative to Temporary Fixes

Upgrading Your Thermwood CNC Router Repairs MachMotion

A Better Alternative to Temporary Fixes

Have you considered upgrading your CNC controller?

We understand your Thermwood router is a very valuable asset to your company. Are you tired of unexpected repairs and downtime experienced with your current Thermwood router? If you answered yes to that question, it’s time to take action. Controller retrofits are a simple, cost-effective way to extend the life of machines and save you thousands along the way. Now you can improve your Thermwood CNC’s long-term performance and lower downtime by upgrading key components to bring your machine up to an optimum level of performance.

If you are considering a CNC Router Controller Retrofit or Upgrade for your Thermwood router, there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding what to do next with your machine. Some of the benefits of a CNC Retrofit include: 

  • Low Disruption – Keep the machines in your shop that you’re already familiar with AND enjoy all the technology benefits of a new machine. 
  • Easy Logistics – No need to rearrange the lab to get the old machine out and a new one in. Mechanical, electrical, and software modifications make modern machine upgrades simple.
  • Minimal Downtime –  Efficient, expert installations allow your team to quickly get back to production with little interruption. 
  • Cost-Effective Solution – Upgrade your CNC at a fraction of the cost of cumulative repairs


Consider a CNC Upgrade with MachMotion! 

Don’t let Thermwood CNC router repairs hold you back from long-term solutions. Since focusing on upgrades and retrofits for 20+ years, we recognize the problems & interruptions that come with owning a CNC Machine. At MachMotion, we focus on delivering up-to-date and reliable technology to our partners! We strive to support you in keeping your equipment running and in production for years to come. Our team can help you determine if your machine(s) are good candidates for an upgrade. With a MachMotion CNC controller consultation, we can guide you through the process and what it can look like for your machines. We offer turnkey installs covered under our Production-Ready Guarantee and include a 1-Year Warranty and FREE Remote Support for the lifetime of the control. 

  • Production-Ready Guarantee (included with MachMotion’s Installation Service) – We are very confident in our products & services — We guarantee our workmanship & if anything fails after the first 90 days of our upgrade, we will come on-site at no cost to you. We will not invoice for the second installment of your order until your machine is up and running!
  • 1-Year Parts Warranty – We guarantee all new products to be free from manufacturer defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Products that prove to be defective under normal conditions and proper use, during the warranty period, will be repaired or exchanged free of charge.
  • FREE Remote Support for the Lifetime of the Control – We offer lifetime technical support via phone, email, and remote login (if internet access is available at the control) at no extra charge. Lifetime support is for the original purchaser and is non-transferable. Paid support options are available for 2nd owners. Contact our support team for more information.


Minimize shopfloor disturbance, frustration & downtime by upgrading your system controls for your team. Scroll to the bottom of the page to get in touch with us today!  


Consider A Machine Health Inspection

Thermwood CNC routers are high-quality machines that typically outlast their controls. It’s not uncommon to see Thermwood CNC controls upgraded up to three times in a lifespan. When the machine is showing signs of age, it’s time to take a look at what you are spending on repairs. We see it all the time in legacy CNC routers with a declining Siemens or controller, struggling to find replacement servo drives and motors. 

If you are concerned about your router’s mechanical condition, ask for a machine health inspection. Some of the major items checked are, verifying the condition of ball screws and backlash, linear guideways, lube system, Spindle and spindle drawbar condition, tool changer, etc. Before you chose to upgrade the controls, make sure to fix any items discovered when doing a health inspection. This will maximize performance along with the new controls. If you deal with Thermwood CNC router repairs or have a machine that is becoming unreliable, costly repairs aren’t your only option. Repurposing the machine with new controls along with replacing any worn mechanical components will provide you with extended years of reliable service.                            

Thermwood CNC Routers 

Thermwood Corporation located in Indiana was established in 1969. The company offers both 3 & 5 axis CNC machining centers, including CNC Routers. For over 50 years, Thermwood has provided companies with premier CNC routers ideally suited for the production, fabrication & trimming of wood, plastics, non-ferrous metals, composites, and other advanced materials. Thermwood is highly regarded and used by major aerospace, automotive, government, and defense contractors for some of their most demanding applications.

In the 1970s Thermwood Corporation developed the very first CNC router in the world. Many of the core technologies found in modern CNC controls and CNC routers originated at Thermwood. While there are other CNC router machine manufacturers out there, the fact that Thermwood has been around for over 50 years, and still growing to this day, means their machines are worth taking a look at. If you’re in the market for a new CNC router, consider one of Thermwood’s offerings.

High-quality Production For More Than 50 Years

Thermwood is an industry leader in Large Scale Additive Manufacturing, as well as fabricating multi-purpose CNC router machines. Their products and services are widely used by leading companies around the world for prototyping and production of parts, tools, and molds for a wide variety of applications. Their line of CNC routers is one of the most creative and advanced technologies available on the market today. Notably, Thermwood CNC routers are not only known for their high level of quality and dependability, but also for their lowest cost of operation and maintenance. There is no doubt that Thermwood Corporation will remain a leading manufacturer of CNC routers for years to come. 

MachMotion wokring on a controller retrofit for a Thermwood CNC Router

Thermwood CNC Router Machine Models 

Many in the industry have found that retrofitting a CNC router is a much more economical way to update their machine than running in circles with unexpected Thermwood CNC router repairs. Rather than scrapping a good machine, you can restore your CNC router and give it a second life. A controller retrofit will not only boost production, but it will also make the machine more consistent. Make sure production never stops on your Thermwood machine! Call us today at 573-368-7399 to find out more about how you can improve your Thermwood CNC’s operations. You can also check out our CNC router upgrade packages here.

Below are some of the Thermwood CNC router & machining center models that would be good candidates for a MachMotion CNC controller upgrade: 

Thermwood 40
Thermwood 43
Thermwood 45
Thermwood 53-510
Thermwood 63
Thermwood 70
Thermwood 77
Thermwood 82
Thermwood 90
Thermwood C40
Thermwood C42S
Thermwood C45
Thermwood C53
Thermwood C67
Thermwood C67DT
Thermwood CabinetShop 43
Thermwood Cartesian5
Thermwood CS-40
Thermwood CS41
Thermwood CS43
Thermwood CS45
Thermwood CS45-510
Thermwood ES80
Thermwood ES82
Thermwood M45
Thermwood M67
& more!

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