Thermwood Cartesian5 CNC Router Upgrade

Thermwood Cartesian5 CNC Router Upgrade

Thermwood Cartesian5 CNC Router MachMotion Upgrade
MachMotion CNC Router Retrofit

Company Overview
Diversified Control, Inc designs and manufactures security locking systems for the telecommunications industry.
• They needed an upgrade on their Thermwood Cartesian5 CNC Router.
• After installing the CNC router upgrade kit, they were able to get the machine back into production.

• Installation Type: Self Install

The Story
Diversified Controls, Inc is based out of Orchard Park, NY. Since 1981 they have been designing state of the art quality locking devices and enclosures. Their SLAMLOCK solution provides a self locking feature that saves technicians time and frustration (no key to lose!).

Electrical Enclosures

Their Thermwood Cartesian5 CNC router is a quality machine, but the control and electronics on it were dying. Thermwood routers were built with exceptionally heavy construction which gives them great rigidity. Looking at the option of upgrading their machine or scrapping it, they decided to move forward with an upgrade.

Thermwood Cartesian5 CNC Router MachMotion Upgrade

Here is a picture of the original electrical enclosure and the Thermwood CNC router control:

Thermwood Cartesian5 CNC Router Old CNC Control

Here’s a picture of one of the original Baldor DC servomotors:

Thermwood Cartesian5 Original Baldor DC ServoMotor
Here is a picture of some of the old electronics on their Thermwood Cartesian5:

Thermwood Cartesian5 CNC Router Old Electronics

With their motor and electrical information in hand, MachMotion engineered and built the CNC router upgrade kit. Here is a picture of the completed electrical enclosure. Before it was shipped to the customer, each motor was run and the I/O was tested.

Thermwood Cartesian5 CNC Router MachMotion Upgrade Kit
Thermwood Cartesian5 CNC Router MachMotion Upgrade Kit

After testing of the new control system for this machine, MachMotion shipped the components to Diversified Controls Inc. With the help of MachMotion’s tech support, Diversified Controls Inc successfully removed the old Thermwood CNC hardware, installed the new kit, and completely calibrated and configured the new machine control.

Diversified Controls Inc is the hero in this story. They had a CNC Router with a bad control. Rather than scrapping the machine, they had the vision to restore the machine and give it a second life. For less cost than buying new router, Diversified Controls Inc made sure that production never stops on their machine.

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