Stop KOMO CNC Router Errors For Good

Stop KOMO CNC Router Errors For Good

An upgrade of your KOMO CNC router controller can help you reduce downtime and put an end to the errors. Read on to learn more!

KOMO CNC routers are a reputable and popular choice of CNC router for many businesses, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their share of problems over time with regular use. While these CNC routers are built to last a long time, all electrical components will eventually wear, become obsolete, or stop working all together. Is troubleshooting KOMO CNC router errors repeatedly getting in the way of production? Or even worse, has your FANUC controller stopped working altogether? 

If you are experiencing down time because of your FANUC “PC” or FANUC “Panel i”, “Panel ii” Windows PC front end you are not alone. Depending on the year, your KOMO may have Windows, 95, 2000, XP operating system that is no longer supported by windows network security. This can be very frustrating for IT support if you are trying to connect to the company network. Read on to see how you can put an end to KOMO CNC router errors with a MachMotion 2000 series controller upgrade! 

KOMO CNC Router Controllers Are Upgradeable

Yep you read that right, KOMO CNC router controllers are upgradeable! This means the controller on your KOMO machine can be swapped out and upgraded at a fraction of the cost of buying a new machine. This also means you don’t have to search for a new or used KOMO router replacement, tooling, or even have to replace existing programs. When you partner with MachMotion to do a CNC retrofit, we provide a full upgrade package that puts your machine and team in production at the end of the installation. 

Same Function Of A New Machine, At A Fraction Of The Cost

Our CNC router retrofits will make sure that your KOMO CNC router can perform at it’s best—without having to replace the entire router. Retrofitting will save money in two ways: firstly by preventing further damage caused by faulty components; secondly by eliminating the cost of replacing the entire machine. For example, one of our recent customers was able to repair their KOMO CNC router after installing MachMotion’s upgrade kit at a fraction of what it would have cost him to buy a new machine—which saved them thousands of dollars! 

Retrofit Your KOMO CNC Router With MachMotion

With a CNC retrofit, you can upgrade your KOMO CNC router and make it reliable so that you can run production smoothly. A retrofit can be done on almost any brand of CNC machine, but it’s especially useful for KOMO machines since they are high quality and used in high-production environments. Restoring your KOMO CNC router will save you from scrapping a machine with good iron.

 The MachMotion team is committed to creating the best systems – from engineering to software – to ensure our partners receive the latest and most reliable technology! Due to our extensive experience with all types of CNC machines from CNC routers to boring mills, lathes, waterjets, and many more over the years, we know what upgrades work best for different machines. Our team is happy to provide assistance if you have KOMO routers or other CNC machines that have error codes or broken controllers. Please reach out to us by filling out the form below! 

Achieving Success in Production!

If you’re looking to upgrade your KOMO CNC router controls, the MachMotion 2000 series controller retrofit is an upgrade package that will help to bring your machine up to speed with modern technology. It’s easy enough for CNC beginners to use and robust for advanced users! Just load the program and you’re ready to go! The 21” touch screen display is large and easy to read. The PC-based interface works just like a computer with a keyboard and mouse. It’s easy to use regardless of your experience level. Paired with our lifetime remote support to answer any questions that you may have as you use the controller, we leave your KOMO CNC router and operations team set up for success! 

MachMotion CNC Controller Installation Options Available

Turn-key installations are available, as well as self-installation packages to suit every budget and skill level! A turn-key retrofit from MachMotion means we do it all. All you need to do is point us to your machine and we’ll take care of the rest! Our turn-key installation process is quick, efficient, and expertly done so your team is able to get back to production as soon as possible. We install the new HMI control, wiring, motors, servos and drives, and the electrical panel on most CNC routers. Check out our installation process in our blog Step-By-Step CNC Retrofit.

It is easy to install this CNC retrofit package yourself if you have some basic electrical skills and some knowledge of mechanical design and fabrication. With a self-installation package, we provide all of the components and remote support by email, phone, and remote login to the controller. We are here to help every step of the way. The onsite commissioning service consists of finishing the installation and training your operators after you mount the new CNC control, motors, and electrical enclosure to your machine. Feel free to contact us to discuss what installation method would be most beneficial to you.

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