MachMotion CNC Retrofits – Upgrade Your Control

MachMotion CNC Retrofits – Upgrade Your Control

MachMotion CNC Retrofit Experience

Our Expert Industry Experience

At MachMotion, we’ve completed thousands of cnc retrofit installs and hundreds of turn-key solutions on machines of all types including routers, waterjets, boring mills, grinders, and so much more. What we’ve learned through our decades of experience is that if companies get the opportunity to view our business, meet our team and see what we’re all about, we nearly always find a project to work on together. Our passion for machine controller retrofits paired with our team’s extensive industry knowledge and experience allow us to give our customers the best retrofitting experience possible.

Man standing in front of man sitting at computer with headset on.Talk Tech With Our Team

When a customer calls into MachMotion, we listen to their story. We understand this can be a difficult time for companies when experiencing production downtime and we feel compassion towards every unique customer and situation. Your initial call will feel more like a consultation, to see if a retrofit on your CNC machine is the right decision for your team. We work through the pros and cons of a CNC retrofit/upgrade and answer any questions you may have about the process. Our sales team previously managed technical roles within the company, before moving into the sales department. We’ve worked through CNC machine problems hundreds of times with customers. We’ve completed hundreds of successful retrofit installations. When we start working on your machine, we know it’s going to be a success.

Man standing in front of other man assembling electrical panel for a CNC control.Building a Quality CNC Retrofit

Once we lock in a price and receive a PO, our engineering department kicks into high gear. Our production team reviews each project and we go through everything with a fine-tooth comb. We build all of our controls and subpanels in our shop. This allows us to power-up and test everything before we deliver them to customers. We work out any of the snags that could stall installation. If we need to up size the servo, need to order longer cables, or go over hours during an install – That’s our mistake. You pay what we quoted and nothing more. We’re the team that gets the job done right.

Group of men in front of large CNC boring mill retrofit.First-Class Installation

From the moment our installation team arrives onsite at your facility, they work to get your machine up and running again. We make quick work of replacing your back panel, the electrical servos, the cables, the VFD, and a spindle motor, if needed. Our highly-skilled installation technicians have done this hundreds of times and have worked with many machines like routers, waterjets, boring mills, grinders, and many other CNC machines.

To Infinity and Beyond

After your machine is back into production, your relationship with MachMotion continues for the lifetime of the control. Retrofit installations are covered under our Production-Ready Guarantee, with FREE Remote Support for the lifetime of the control, which means we can login to your control and help you as if we were on site. Contact us today to see how we can help your team with a CNC Retrofit/Upgrade today!

Learn more about how we meet you where you are with any machine type by checking out this video.