Why Upgrade Your CNC Machine Controller?

MachMotion Answers the Question: Why upgrade your CNC machine controller?

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Ask yourself this: Why would you replace your router, grinder, lathe, mill, or waterjet when you could upgrade your CNC machine to last longer?

Many companies, from multi-billion dollar corporations to small manufacturing job shops use their CNC equipment until the controller goes bad. Oftentimes, they then throw the whole machine away because it is unusable in its current state. But underneath the CNC machine controller, there is a frame. There are ball screws. There is a 50-horsepower AC motor that has 10, 20 maybe even 50 more years of life left in it. They already have tooling for this machine. They know how rigid it is and how hard the operators can push it. Most likely, it’s built better than the machinery rolling off the showroom floor today. 

Why would a CNC owner throw away a router, grinder, lathe, mill, or waterjet when they could give it a second life? At MachMotion we have been helping companies for over 20 years breathe new life into good machines because there’s nothing wrong with your machine. It just needs a new CNC machine control.

CNC Controls: Tested. Proven. Delivered.

Here at MachMotion, we don’t just sell you a product off of the shelf. We carefully look at each system we quote. We provide a brand new 21” touch-screen control, new Yaskawa motors, and a new electrical system that makes sense for your machine. We can even look at your process in-depth and help you turn the CNC machine you have into the CNC machine you want. We don’t ship a pallet of loose components to figure out on your own. We ship you a working, fully integrated CNC machine controller system. We power on and test every component before shipping. We label every wire. We understand every step of what you’re doing at the machine and will guide you through the entire process.

MachMotion All Inclusive CNC Retrofit Kit

Standard CNC Control Package comes with:

  • 21″ Touch-screen CNC controller
  • Wireless pendant
  • Pre-wired & labeled electrical panel
  • Yaskawa servo drives & motors
  • Control mounting & stand options
  • 1-Year Warranty

Professional Turnkey Installation Available

If you want a turnkey installation, we can do that too. Just give us the green light and we’ll do the rest. From engineering to running your first part and everything in between, MachMotion has you covered. We put a button on every control that allows our world-class support team to remotely log into your CNC machine controller to address any questions you may have after the installation has been completed. We can also use that remote connection to troubleshoot virtually any problem on your machine, down to the mechanical and electrical systems.

Unmatched, Reliable Remote Support

When you call into MachMotion, you’ll talk to a real person. No automated systems or long wait times – just a team of highly trained experts ready to serve you. MachMotion’s knowledgeable support team is available if you have an issue before, during, and after the installation. Our support team can remotely log in to your 2000 series CNC control. This allows us to see exactly what you are seeing to quickly troubleshoot the issue. Our team is here to make sure your team can get up and running again quickly.

Connect with one of our CNC retrofit experts today to see how you can upgrade your CNC machine!