MachMotion Support Manually Tracking Inputs and Outputs


Understand how to track machine inputs and outputs when you have no electrical schematic on a C.R. Onsrud Panel Pro CNC router in the video above.


Hi everyone, this is Josiah with MachMotion. We’re working on the C. R. Onsrud Panel Pro and we’re putting on new control and we found out we don’t have an existing electrical schematic for this machine. So all these drill bank solenoids, all our limit switches any i/o (inputs and outputs) on this machine we’re going to have to track down manually. So the only way to really do that effectively is to just start tracing this wire.

So we’ve established all these solenoids are running to this multi-conductor cable here and we can either take a multimeter and ohm it out or in this case, we just manually followed it up through the head. We traced it all the way through these cable tracks all the way down, all the way around, into this electrical enclosure, and pull it out here. So now through trial and error, we’re going to determine what wire does what will correspond with the drill back in the back for the colors, terminate it into our relays over here and we’ll be good to go with our inputs and outputs.

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