Shizuoka CNC Knee Mill Retrofit

DrewFab is out of Lake Side California and has been machining parts for over a decade. They specialize in fabrication, welding and CNC machining.

Shizuoka’s Tattered Wiring

DrewFab found an old Shizuoka CNC Knee Mill that had the electronics eaten off of it by mice, but the mechanical parts of the Shizuoka CNC Knee Mill were fine.

Drew had over a decade of experience with manual milling, but was new to CNC and worried about the daunting task of retrofitting. Drew would find that MachMotion was there to back him up, supporting him through the entire retrofit process.

Good Electronics To Match the Quality of the Machine

DrewFab felt the Shizuoka CNC Knee Mill had an old antiquated controller but mechanically the machine was sound. DrewFab needed to find good electronics to match the quality of the machine.

DrewFab looked into buying new and got quotes from Hass, Fanuc, Hurco and Trak. None of them could compete with MachMotion’s price to retrofit.

For half the price I’m getting from MachMotion exactly what I need in quality and performance

— Drew Dominique

The Retrofit Process

The retrofit process took 4 weeks to complete with Drew working at his own pace. Drew was able to use MachMotion’s support hub for both email and live tech support to help him along the retrofit process, this greatly expediated his retrofit experience.

Drew was also able to run the machine confidently since he was able to learn the MachMotion software while the retrofit was being installed.

Retrofit Success and A New Partner

DrewFab used the new 2000 Series MachMotion Mill Retrofit kit and found a team of experts at his disposal to help guide him to success. MachMotion has made a new partner and another success story with DrewFab.

DrewFab has an Instagram page that you can follow every step of the retrofit process.
Drew also has a YouTube channel going into further detail about the retrofit