Outdated CNC Controls Are Outrageous – Upgrade Today

Outdated CNC Controls Are Outrageous – Upgrade Today!

Upgrade Your CNC Controls

Don’t let aging controls and outdated technology hold up your production. A CNC controller upgrade can save you time and the cost of buying a new machine.

Video Transcript:

I’m Ennes Henry and I’ve been a part of the MachMotion team for over 5 years. I’ve worked in different parts of production and even been to customer sites installing our upgrades. I’ve seen the headaches, frustration and downtime caused by flaky machine controls and for over 5 years, I’ve seen the teamwork behind every success story. We use a partnership approach to get your machine up and running and to keep it that way.

From overnighting a servo drive, to driving to the FedEx hub to drop off a package, we make sure the mice chewing through cables or even a lightning strike doesn’t stop production. 

Is it support remotely logging into your control to see what you see and resolve the issue as fast as possible or is it the 21″ touchscreen in the industrial enclosure or is it the team that stands behind you, that gives you that confidence to run the machine like never before? The machine iron is good but you can’t seem to get that control working. A board fried or cable breaks and your production line has stopped in its tracks and an unpredictable amount of downtime is terrible.

Step out of that ‘not supported is not a problem’ and ‘flaky is fine’ mentality and step into MachMotion, because outdated is outrageous. It’s time to simplify CNC to make sure production never stops.

MachMotion HMI Controller Features

Modernize Your CNC Controllers

At MachMotion, we don’t just sell you a CNC control off of the shelf — We carefully look at the details of each upgrade system we quote. We provide a brand new 21” touch-screen control, new servos and motors, and a new electrical system that makes sense for your CNC machine. We can even look at your process in-depth and help you turn the CNC machine you have into the CNC machine you want

We don’t ship a pallet of loose components you to figure out on your own, we ship you a fully integrated CNC motion system. We power on and test every component before shipping. We understand every step of what you’re doing at the machine and will guide you through the entire installation process. Why would a CNC owner throw away a router, grinder, lathe, mill, or waterjet when they could give it a second life for a fraction of the price of a new or used machine. Read “Why Upgrade Your CNC Machine Controller” to learn more. 

Real Reliable Remote Support

When you call into MachMotion, you’ll talk to a real person. No automated systems or long wait times – just a team of highly trained experts ready to serve you. MachMotion’s knowledgeable support team is available if you have an issue before, during, and after the installation. Our support team can remotely log in to your 2000 series CNC control. This allows us to see exactly what you are seeing to quickly troubleshoot the issue. Our team is here to make sure production never stops!

Get in touch with our CNC retrofit experts today to learn more about upgrading your CNC machine!