MultiCam MG Series 4×8 Router with Carousel Tool Changer

MultiCam MG Series 4×8 Router with Carousel Tool Changer

MultiCam Router Control Upgrade

Company Overview
Signs of Reilly is a high-end sign and banner shop.
• They purchased a sturdy MultiCam MG Series router with a dead controller.
• After installing a retrofit kit, they are able to run daily production on this machine.

• Installation Type: Self-Install

The Story
Signs of Reilly is based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. While they produce signs, banners and lettering in many forms, they have a unique niche serving yacht owners along the Florida coast. They pride themselves on their service and ability to understand what customers want and more importantly, help them visualize what it takes to make the right impression. Here is a look at some of their designs. The backlit stainless steel is particularly eye-catching!


After purchasing a used MultiCam machine in the summer of 2020, Signs of Reilly contacted MachMotion to see what their options were to utilize this machine as a reliable part of their production process. While the dated control was dead on arrival, the machine was mechanically in great shape. So, a MachMotion sales engineer walked Signs of Reilly through the process of a control upgrade. Then, the MachMotion engineering team designed a complete kit for their machine including new HMI interface, pre-wired electrical enclosure and new servos for all axes of the machine.

Here is a picture of the original electrical enclosure:


Here is the machine and original control as it arrived to Signs of Reilly:

With motor and electrical information in hand, MachMotion began work building the CNC kit. After assembly and testing of the new control system for this machine, MachMotion shipped the components to Signs of Reilly. With the help of MachMotion’s included tech support, Signs of Reilly successfully removed the old CNC hardware, installed the new kit and completely calibrated and configured the new machine control . With email, phone and remote login support to the control, the MachMotion optimized support process ended in a successful install of the kit and a production ready machine.

Here’s a picture of the new MachMotion control in production:


Here is a final picture of the electrical enclosure before shipping to Signs of Reilly:


“We were able to do the retrofit, no problem,” says shop owner Mike Reilly. “The support has been very good. The control is easy and straightforward. It was easy to train my operator and the learning curve is NOT steep.” He then went on to say “We are using the machine every day!”

Signs of Reilly is the hero in this story. They had a CNC Router with a broken control. Rather than scrapping the machine, they had the vision to restore the machine and give it a second life. For less cost than buying new router, Signs of Reilly made sure that production never stops on their machine.

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