Load GCode With Barcodes On MachMotion Controllers

Load GCode With Barcodes On MachMotion Controllers

GCode Barcode Scanner With MachMotion Controller

Make loading GCode as easy as possible, whether you are an expert machinist or a beginner! Using a simple scanner and barcode sheet provided by the programmer, your team can load GCode quickly and easily. Our CNC machine controllers are designed with the manufacturer in mind. We’ve added unique features, like the barcode scanner, to our controls that simplify and streamline your processes. GCode loading should be as easy as possible for all levels of machine operators. Watch the video below to see how it works! 

Simplify GCode Loading Process

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Video Transcription: 

Hi everyone, it’s Josiah with MachMotion. I want to show you what we did on this Tshudin Cylindrical Grinder. What we’re always doing is trying to streamline the process from programming to machining, to the end customer. So what we did on this machine to make that process as streamlined as possible and as easy for the operator – we added this barcode scanner. Now, all the operator has to do is get the sheet from the programmer, scan it and load GCode. We’re going to scan the part we want to load, it loads in our profile and we are ready to go, and that’s it! 

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