Failed AMC Controller Solution – Eliminate Temporary Repairs

Failed AMC Controller Solution: Eliminate Temporary Repairs

The owner of a C.R. Onsrud 122C12D CNC router was searching for another temporary fix on his failed AMC controller when he discovered a long-term solution.

Picture this: You’re a successful business owner with a C.R. Onsrud CNC router that has an AMC controller that you rely on heavily for the bulk of your services. It’s your workhorse. One day, your Production Manager shows up at your office to inform you the machine is down, again. You need to repair the AMC Controller because the machine frequently loses its parameters and needs to be reset. The AMC Controller is obsolete and replacement parts are either used on eBay or completely unavailable. You need to keep your CNC router in working condition so you can keep your promised dates and deadlines. What would you do?

He was searching online on how to repair his AMC Controller when he found MachMotion


The owner of a custom cabinetry shop with a large C.R. Onsrud 122C12D router came to us at MachMotion after looking for solutions for his failed AMC Controller. He had an obsolete AMC controller on his machine that was no longer functioning properly and was having trouble finding anybody who could service it. When he could find any kind of service or parts, the costs to repair were thousands of dollars each and every time. He searched online for help with his AMC controller repair problem and found MachMotion’s website. On our website, he found the MachMotion 2000 Series Control that would provide the long-term solution he set out to search for. An easy-to-use, modern controller that includes technical support by a team of experienced CNC controller experts. 

After contacting us, the customer asked us to retrofit his CNC router to get back into production


During his search for a replacement, our customer realized he wanted something better than what they’ve been working with: an easy-to-use controller that would eliminate unexpected downtime on his machine, while still being cost-effective. The solution was to have his C.R. Onsrud CNC router upgraded with MachMotion’s Industrial 2000 Series Control. 

MachMotion All Inclusive CNC Retrofit Kit

The CNC router all-inclusive upgrade package comes with:

  • 21″ Touch-screen CNC controller
  • Wireless pendant
  • Pre-wired & labeled electrical panel
  • Yaskawa servo drives & motors
  • Control mounting & stand options
  • 1-Year Warranty

Their C.R. Onsrud CNC router upgrade was a success! This gave them a user-friendly interface, modern components, and free user support for the lifetime of the control


The original AMC controller used by this custom cabinetry shop was obsolete, and spare parts were hard to come by. MachMotion was able to upgrade their AMC controller with a new 21” touch-screen control. This gave them a user-friendly interface, modern components, and free user support for the lifetime of the control.

If you are in a similar situation with old or obsolete controls on your machine, we would be happy to help you as well! Give us a call at 1-573-368-7399 or visit

Onsrud CNC Router Upgrade With MachMotion

You can get your CNC routers upgraded and back in action fast with MachMotion!

  • Unexpected downtime is never in anyone’s plans. Finding out your controller has failed and your machine can’t run anymore is one of the worst things that could happen to you.
  • Some companies might try to sell you a brand new machine when all you really need is a simple controller upgrade.
  • Temporary repairs will cause more downtime for you in the long run. Investing in a long-term solution can provide peace of mind for planning your company’s future!

MachMotion’s CNC controller retrofits come with everything needed to get back up and running: wireless pendant, servo drives, motors, cables, and most importantly, the controller unit necessary to operate it. With the help of our experienced installation staff, our customer was able to get his C.R. Onsrud CNC router upgraded with MachMotion’s newest industrial touchscreen controls, without having to leave his shop! He had full motion control again within days of receiving his equipment from us!

We provide a permanent solution for obsolete controllers, like the AMC controller featured in this blog. We can upgrade many different brands of CNC routers including C.R. Onsrud, Thermwood, Biesse, DMS Routers, Multicam, Omega, ShopSabre, and more. Get your CNC Router updated! Learn more about MachMotion CNC router retrofits & upgrades here.

We have retrofitted machines with the following controls, and upgraded them to a MachMotion system:

AMC Controller upgrade
NEE AMC4 Controllers
    AMC AMC/D2/B1/E3 / 121699-0 TEACH PENDA

We have performed upgrades on the following C.R. Onsrud routers:

C.R. ONSRUD 122C12
C.R. ONSRUD 144G10
C.R. ONSRUD 144G12
C.R. ONSRUD 145G12
& many more!