Onsrud 96C10 Router Upgrade with MachMotion Control

Onsrud 96C10 Router Upgrade with MachMotion Control

Company Overview
Andersen Windows is one of the most recognizable names in US window and door manufacturing.
• They operate at sturdy Onsrud 96C10 dual-table CNC router that had a failing AMC controller.
• After a installing a retrofit kit, they are able to run daily production on this machine.

• Installation Type: Self Install with MachMotion Control Commissioning

The Story

Andersen Windows has a sturdy Onsrud 96C10 dual-table CNC router in one of their manufacturing facilities. While the machine is mechanically reliable, the AMC controller was not. In the spring of 2021, Andersen contacted MachMotion to see what their options were to utilize this machine as a reliable part of their production process. A MachMotion sales engineer walked Andersen through the process of a control upgrade. Then, the MachMotion engineering team designed a complete kit for their machine including new HMI interface, pre-wired electrical enclosure and new Yaskawa servos for all axes of the machine.

With motor and electrical information in hand, MachMotion began work building the CNC kit. After assembly and testing of the new control system for this machine, MachMotion shipped the components to Andersen. With the help of MachMotion’s included tech support, Andersen successfully removed the old CNC hardware and installed the new kit.

Here are some of their motor mounts Andersen designed and fabricated on site for the new Yaskawa servo motors:

C.R. Onsrud Router

Yaskawa Servos

After the mechanical and electrical work was complete, a MachMotion technician went on-site to completely set-up the software of the control. When the technician left their shop, the Andersen operators were trained and ready to immediately put the machine into production.

C.R> Onsrud Router with MachMotion CNC Control
Andersen Windows is the hero in this story. They had a CNC Router with a broken control. Rather than scrapping the machine, they had the vision to restore the machine and give it a second life. For less cost than buying new router, Andersen made sure that production never stops on their machine.

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