The True Cost of CNC Router Repairs

The True Cost of CNC Router Repairs

CNC Router Repairs: Paying the Price of Doing Nothing

Paying The Price of Doing Nothing

The true cost of CNC router repairs can stack up at a rapid rate. Repairs only go so far when it comes to increasing the dependability of your CNC router. Though sometimes relatively simple, momentary CNC router repairs & makeshift short-term fixes can come with hidden costs, beyond the price of the repairs. Conservative estimating of costs when doing the yearly budget often brings companies problems later on when the CNC router repairs cost more than anticipated. You don’t want to find your team in a problematic situation down the road. You may need to make complex repairs or replace obsolete parts like motors or controllers. Let’s take a look at some of the costly downsides of CNC router repairs & how to protect your investment from continual breakdowns.

Repetitive Unplanned Downtime

For any production operation, equipment downtime costs money – potentially lots of money! How much is the cost of one hour that you’re not operating? How does that compare with the cost of an hour’s wages or the revenue lost for that period of time? When you begin experiencing delays in cutting time, crashes during operation, or just general unreliability in your CNC router, downtime becomes an unwanted and regular occurrence on the shop floor. Industrial equipment of any kind comes with some downtime. Whether it’s because of unexpected failures or routine maintenance procedures. While machine downtime is sometimes unavoidable, there are ways to upgrade your machine to help limit the impact on your shop floor.

Replacement Parts Are Hard-to-Find Or Obsolete

CNC router repairs can quickly add up in terms of the true cost. Many legacy machines have ‘good iron’ but are very expensive to repair. This can be due to their age or other factors. Servicing these machines regularly helps with keeping your machine running for longer. But once your controller starts to go or if you run into other problems, you could be looking at long lead times for replacement parts. In some cases, these parts are no longer made by the OEM. That’s when CNC router repairs can become a long-term repair project or an owner’s worst nightmare. 

Make sure production never stops
Low Company Morale 

Employee morale is a critical part of a successful company. Frequent CNC router repairs can not only cut into your bottom line but also into your employees’ wellbeing. Many times morale can decline if employees don’t have the necessary or adequate tools they need to do their job. Low morale can also be caused by failing to address communication issues in your company. Help your team be as successful as possible by being proactive with CNC router repairs. Having an upgraded, dependable CNC router can make all the difference between your team meeting deadlines and feeling motivated versus feeling overwhelmed and unenthusiastic about showing up to their job. 

A Decline in Trusted Customers

Are your CNC router repairs getting between you and your relationship with your most trusted customers? Having a machine that is down unexpectedly for repairs can have a huge impact on your customer’s trust in your company. Your customers come to you because you are an expert in your field and they find value in your product or service. If you can no longer provide their orders on time or meet deadlines set months in advance, they will find someone else who can fulfill their orders when they need them. Don’t let your CNC router repairs derail your business. Keep reading to see what you can do to make your machine a reliable investment in your shop. 

How Do I Protect My Investment?

You don’t have to wait until disaster strikes to take action on your router. Planned control retrofits can help ensure that your CNC routers don’t go down unexpectedly. MachMotion can save you the time, effort, and money that expensive last-minute CNC router repairs can take out of your schedule. No matter if your router is relatively new or decades old, a simple controller retrofit can be all you need to keep your machine running at peak performance for years to come. Planning for a retrofit changes the game. It puts you back in the driver’s seat when it comes to the routine maintenance that keeps your machinery running. Learn more about planning a CNC Router Retrofit by visiting our router upgrade page, reading 10 Key Benefits of a Router Retrofit, or by filling out the form below to get in touch with one of our experienced retrofit experts today! 

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