Customer Story: Bostomatic Bed Mill Retrofits

Customer Story: Bostomatic Bed Mill Retrofits

4-axis CNC mill

McDermott Cue uses Bostomatic Bed Mills to manufacture high-quality, custom pool cues that are world-renowned among the billiards community. Not only are their pool cues reliably straight and high-performing, their use of exotic woods and highly-detailed CNC inlay makes for an extremely impressive cue. As the company has grown, they have worked to refine their production process to maximize the precision and efficiency of these spectacular pool cues, with the use of Bostomatic Bed Mills.

Bostomatic, the original manufacturer of McDermott’s machines, is no longer in business. Because of that, there was no support for the original controls. However, the machine’s solid iron, 4-axis configuration, and high speed spindle makes them perfect for the inlay work McDermott Cue does to their cues.

Three pool cuesThree Pool Cues           

In 2018 and 2019, McDermott Cue contacted MachMotion to embark upon the control upgrade of 8 Bostomatic 4-axis CNC mills. All 8 machines were delivered to the McDermott Cue as full turn-key installs: Production-ready and running programs on day one.

A sales engineer walked McDermott Cue through the process of upgrading their Bostomatic Bed Mills. Then the MachMotion engineering team designed complete kits for each machine, including new CNC control interface, pre-wired electrical panels and new servos for all four axes of the machine.


4-axis CNC millInside a control panel

After assembly and testing of each new CNC control system customized for these machines, the MachMotion install team performed full installs and commissioning for each Bostomatic mill. Once complete, all eight Bostomatic Bed Mills were production-ready and put immediately to work in McDermott’s manufacturing facility.

McDermott Cue they had the vision to restore the Bostomatic Bed Mills and give them a second life, rather than scrapping the perfectly good machines. For less down-time and less cost than buying new equipment, McDermott Cue made sure that production never stops on their. Let MachMotion do the same for you as you think about the repair of your CNC machine.

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