9 Benefits of a CNC Waterjet Retrofit

9 Benefits of a CNC Waterjet Retrofit

9 key benefits of a cnc waterjet retrofit

Have you been looking into a Waterjet Retrofit to make your controller a little more user friendly? Or maybe you’re sick of having to walk back and forth between your computer & machine and want to be able to set the feeds and speeds quickly– there’s a reason these controllers have been around for decades – they work! But why not upgrade and make it better? From reducing unplanned downtime to improving performance and precision, we’re going to go over the top 9 benefits of a CNC Waterjet Retrofit.

1. Increase CNC Waterjet Reliability & Performance

A CNC Waterjet Retrofit can extend the life of your machine while not drastically changing your day to day workflow. Even if your machine still runs, we suggest replacing these parts to increase the stability and lifespan of your machine for many years to come. These parts include but are not limited to the machine’s CNC Controller, electrical panel, servo and motors.

2. A Fraction of the Cost of a New Waterjet

1/3rd of the cost of purchasing a new machine — This is a good rule of thumb is that a Waterjet retrofit starts to make sense at one-third the price of a new. When you consider the cost of purchasing a new waterjet machine, it is clear that the savings of retrofitting an existing machine are substantial. Lead times on new equipment can be lengthy with recent supply chain issues too. Retrofitting your CNC waterjet can also save the cost of new fixturing or tooling that would be necessary to purchase with a new system. In comparison to purchasing new, investing in a CNC Waterjet Retrofit will provide a return on investment in a shorter period of time as well.

3. Minimal Disruption

Think about your Waterjet for a moment and answer the following question: Can you remove it from your shop easily without riggers and moving other equipment? If your answer is no, a waterjet retrofit is a good candidate for your machine. Not only can the installation be done in just 1-2 weeks, but your shop can keep going without disrupting other areas of your shop floor. This eliminates extra unnecessary downtime of having to move a machine in and out of your shop.

4. Reduce Your Repairs Budget

If you have a Waterjet, you have probably experienced a lot of repair costs or at least heard of them from other people who have. It’s not cheap and sometimes businesses find themselves with obsolete controllers, no longer supported by OEMs. When something goes wrong, it takes ample time and resources to correct and even then, sometimes it’s not enough. When investing in a Waterjet retrofit, you are drastically reducing the time and costs of temporary fixes just to get by. A long-term solution is key to solving repeat problems and spending countless lost dollars.

5. User-Friendly Interfaces

Not all controllers were created equal. Some aren’t too bad, others are quirky and a nightmare to teach another person. When you upgrade your controller with a MachMotion Waterjet Retrofit, you will have an interface that is user-friendly, customizable, and operates like a PC with a full keyboard and mouse.

6. Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

Having an operational CNC Waterjet is critical to the production process, but your waterjet controller is also a critical component. If you’re experiencing downtime on your machine due to controller issues, obtaining a Waterjet retrofit is the smart solution. You and your team can easily avoid costly downtime while extending your machine’s life and increasing performance with our cost-effective Waterjet controller retrofit options. We provide retrofits for all major controller brands including Flow, OMAX, WARDjet, KMT Waterjets, MasterJetSaw and so many more!

7. FREE Remote Support for the Lifetime of the Control!

We provide FREE Remote Support for the Lifetime of the Control! This includes email, phone, and remote login for all of your troubleshooting needs. Your team has the ongoing ability to contact us for help if needed without restrictions OR costs! With lifetime technical support via phone, email, and remote login, you can ease your team’s concerns about technical troubleshooting.

8. Production-Ready Guarantee

With a MachMotion CNC Waterjet Retrofit, you are guaranteed the machine will be production-ready. If anything fails after the first 90 days of your CNC Waterjet upgrade, we will come on-site at no cost to you. We will not invoice for the second installment of your order until your machine is up and running!

9. 1-Year Parts Warranty

All new products from MachMotion are warranted to be free from manufacturer defects for one year from the date of purchase. Products that prove to be defective under normal conditions and proper use during the warranty period will be repaired or exchanged free of charge.

If you are already operating a water jet machine and want to significantly increase its capability, retrofitting with CNC is the most economical way to do so. Many older or lower-end machines find a new life with MachMotion after being retrofitted to the latest standards. We design, assemble & test each controller system as a complete unit at our headquarters in Rolla, Missouri, before delivering to our customers. Let us help take your existing Waterjet and add new life to it so it can continue to meet the difficult requirements of today’s job shops. For less than the cost of a new machine, you can be back in business with an instant performance increase and reduced downtime.

Don’t let your machine sit around and wait — Talk to one of our experts today to see if a Waterjet retrofit is right for your machine! Fill out the form below to get started now!