Master JetSaw 2400 Waterjet Control System Retrofit

Master JetSaw 2400 Waterjet Control System Retrofit

MasterJet Saw 2400 MachMotion Control
SCI Surfaces Upgrades their Master JetSaw 2400 Waterjet Control System

SCI Surfaces is a countertop fabricator that specializes in the manufacturing and installation of high-end stone countertops. For both commercial and residential applications, they prioritize premium selection of stone products with precision CNC manufacturing to deliver to their clients high-end countertop finishes that dazzle. They contacted MachMotion in the fall of 2020 having issues with an AIM Master JetSaw 2400 with an OSAI CNC control.

This waterjet is a high-production machine used to cut granite countertops for high-end apartment complexes in the KC area. Power issues and lost control settings were a major interruption to production. To make sure production never stopped on this machine, SCI commissioned MachMotion to do a full turn-key control upgrade of this waterjet.

A sales engineer walked SCI through the complete control retrofit. Then, MachMotion designed a complete kit for their machine including new control, pre-wired electrical enclosure and new Yaskawa servos for all axes of the machine. This machine was a sophisticated 4-axis application with an aggregate saw for a versatility of cutting options. We were able to integrate to the jet pump, aggregate saw and the existing abrasive metering system on this machine

MachMotion sent a technician on-site to SCI to do a thorough “machine health inspection” and measure for all control and motor mounting hardware. Then, we got to work with the build of the complete kit.

After assembly and testing of the custom CNC control system, three MachMotion technicians went onsite for 5 days to remove the old CNC hardware, install the new kit and completely calibrate and configure the new control system. In addition to training the maintenance team and operators to use the control, we helped SCI think about their production process to see if we could use the new control to optimize their process.

Before this waterjet upgrade, our customer would lose 48 hours of production every time the power flickered or the machine was accidentally shut down. Because of the high demands of this machine, that down time cost them $48 dollars every minute! Prior to the retrofit, it was hard to find support and difficult to access replacement parts for the machine. With the complete MachMotion re-control, we solved both the electrical and support issues, allowing it to stay in production and keep up with the customer’s high demand.

Rather than scrapping or selling their outdated CNC, SCI had the vision to restore the machine and give it a second life. For less down-time and lower cost than buying new equipment, SCI made sure that production never stopped on this machine. Let MachMotion do the same for you as you think about the repair of your CNC machine.

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AIM Master Saw Jet 2400 with an OSAI CNC control

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