Stepper Drive & Motors

Motor Features:
  • Extremely high power to weight ratio
  • Superior linearity (better microstep accuracy)
  • Low audible noise
  • Less torque drop at upper speeds

REXSTEP RS step motors feature an improved stator design wherein geometries are altered for greater torque output than other 2-phase step motors of comparable length.

The exceptional static torque profile makes it possible to use shorter motors than before in a given application. Since shorter motors inherently produce better speed vs. torque characteristics due to lower resistance and inductance, the net result is an ability to push same loads at higher speeds or higher loads at same speeds. This makes REXSTEP RS steppers good candidates for some applications currently beholden to servos.

The new stator design also features improved linearity, the characteristic most influential on microstepping accuracy. The better the motor's linearity, the lesser tendency there is for micorsteps to stretch and compress. The RS motors rightly deserve the classification, "Microstep Optimized". Additionally, the motors are surprisingly quiet in comparison to other stepper motors.

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