What’s Your CNC Control Backup Plan?

What’s Your CNC Control Backup Plan?

MachMotion backup jump drive

To the casual observer, this may look like an ordinary thumb drive. But 10 years from now, it could be the lifeline that keeps our customer from stopping production.

The loss of valuable machine settings can render a working machine totally useless. We talk to customers almost every day that use controls with old computer hardware from the 1990’s. We often hear stories of a hard drive going bad and bringing the customer to a total stand still. Even if they replace the hard drive, all the machine settings are gone forever.

If this customer had a MachMotion control, they would not be dead in the water.

The flash drive you see in the photo comes standard on every control we sell. It automatically creates a backup of the entire machine profile every week. So, if the control hard drive goes down, we can replace it, restore the software and restore the settings unique to that machine.

Want an added layer of protection? You can ask our support team to create an additional backup to keep in your desk drawer or desktop PC. And, if you get a turn-key install from us, we will keep a backup of your system on our server with the records of your install.

We have been upgrading CNC controls for 20 years. We know the friction points that companies and operators experience. Let us design a system for you to replace that outdated control and give you an update that is modern and has lifetime support.