Protect Your Bottom Line With A Planned Downtime Retrofit

Protect Your Bottom Line With A Planned Downtime Retrofit

Cincinnati Milacron Grinder with MachMotion CNC Control
The Power and Savings of a Planned Downtime Retrofit

80% of manufacturers don’t know what their downtime costs.

When an old CNC control goes down, there are component and repair costs you can easily see, possibly thousands of dollars. But what about the costs you can’t see? How much do missed deadlines, lost production time, decline in customer trust, and wasted employee hours cost? By conservative estimates, these costs typically add up to thousands or tens-of-thousands of dollars per hour, even for small manufacturers.

How much are these hidden costs stealing from you bottom line every year just because of a dated, unreliable CNC control?

Take control of production with a planned control retrofit.

Don’t wonder when your control will go down next, and how much time and money it will cost you when it does. Planning for a retrofit and changing the old control puts you back in the driver’s seat.

The Return on Investment for a MachMotion CNC Control Upgrade

Because CNC control retrofits are our core business, we will help you make sure production never stops. Here is where you can will see a ROI by choosing a MachMotion retrofit:

  • OEM-level support on the machine you already have at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.
  • Faster cycle times to make every minute of uptime more efficient.
  • Intuitive controls for maximized set-up and training for your workforce.
  • No rigging or re-tooling costs by using existing iron.
  • Pre-integration of control, electrical enclosure and motors means the control arrives to you already working. No “tinkering” required.
  • Use of new and supported components for the entire kit.
  • Effective remote support from live technicians maximizes uptime by getting you through the set-up quickly and answering all future support calls in a guaranteed 4 hours or less.
  • Or, choose a MachMotion install for our “Production-Ready Guarantee.” You won’t pay the final balance until the machine is in production.