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Portable Custom CNC Machine

Portable Custom CNC Machine

Bridgeport Style Knee Mill, Bed Mill Control Retrofit Upgrade Packages

A portable machine manufactured by Everett Engineering went from concept to production in 5 weeks in order to machine the top surface of the large box. This part was approximately 7’ X 8’ made out of duplex stainless with high tolerance dimensions and contoured seal grooves which required something more than a manual machine could do.

Everett Engineering utilized the Mach 3 controller X15-250 purchased in 2011 and MachMotion supplied all of the controls, servos, drives, wires and cabinet. Everett Engineering was able to install and setup from the information that was supplied.

Everett Engineering only had a couple of issues that they were able to get on the phone and have MachMotion techs connect to the computer and fix them. This machine has gone through a modification and is now a fixed gantry style.

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