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CNC Plasma Control System with THC [Video]

CNC Plasma Control System with THC [Video]

When your CNC plasma control is starting to hold business back, it's time to replace it!

When your CNC plasma control is starting to hold business back, it's time to replace it. With MachMotion, you not only get an updated control with standard features like Torch Height Control, integrated part/shape library, auto sheet rip-cut, and dxf import, you get it at a much affordable price than the "big guys." 

Complete Plasma THC System

Included is MachMotion's Ethernet-based Torch Height Control with arc voltage monitoring within 0.5V. Combined with the lifter slide’s high resolution 17Bit AC servo motor, the MachMotion THC system delivers height position repeatability of 0.001” or better. Includes torque Initial Height Sense (IHS), servo motor brake and collision detector/break away.

Complete Control Engineering

MachMotion offers complete engineering services to ensure that the best AC servo motors and/or gearboxes are used for your table. We regularly offer Teco and Yaskawa AC servos and Apex gearboxes. 

Control Features/Options

MachMotion's CNC plasma control can be used with multiple oxy fuel torches and can include features like a laser locater, touch screen, integrated scribe/drill/punch control, and ohmic IHS.

Turn-key Solution

MachMotion can offer a complete, turn-key CNC plasma retrofit solution with pre-wired electrical enclosure and on-site installation and training services. Let us bring your troublesome or dead machine back to life and helping your business. 

We can replace most controls like Burny, ESAB, Hypertherm, and Dynatorch and are compatible for most machine brands including Koike Aronson, Lockformer, Farley, Vulcan, MG Systems, Acroloc, C&G Systems, Messer, Titan, and many more.