Optimizing Workflow On A CR Onsrud CNC Router

Optimizing Workflow On A CR Onsrud CNC Router

CR Onsrud CNC Controller Retrofit

Used Router With A Failing Control

CHI Garage Doors purchased a used 288G12 CR Onsrud CNC router. The machine came with a failing AMC controller that couldn’t be used. They had intended to repurpose the machine and give it a second life in order to streamline their production needs. The garage door manufacturing industry has a wide variety of window types, shapes, sizes, and styles. The operators at their facility had struggled to sort through their 3000+ MasterCam files to find the correct matches & combinations for every job. They knew optimizing their workflow was essential for a competitive edge and to maximize their production. 

CR Onsrud CNC Router In Production

CR Onsrud MachMotion Upgrade

By upgrading their CR Onsrud CNC router with MachMotion’s 2000 series controller, they were able to utilize a custom simple multiple choice screen that can be selected by a touch screen and started immediately. CHI Garage Doors streamlined their current manufacturing process by choosing a control platform that is customizable to match their operation’s workflow. The CR Onsrud CNC router control retrofit included a new 21″ touch screen HMI, prewired electrical enclosure, Yaskawa servos, and spindle drive VFD. Additionally, KEYENCE Safety Light Curtains were installed in any danger zones for workers and integrated with the control.

Watch the video below to see their machine running and back in production!

Don’t Scrap A Quality CNC Machine

No CNC control is designed to last forever, but that doesn’t mean you have to scrap the whole machine. When your CNC machine becomes unreliable or stops working altogether, buying a new (or used) machine isn’t your only option. Learn how MachMotion can help you make better parts, faster, with the least disruption possible. Read more about CNC Router Upgrades here.

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