Manual Series 1 Bridgeport

Manual Series 1 Bridgeport

Bridgeport Style Knee Mill, Bed Mill Control Retrofit Upgrade Packages!!!

A local machinist had a manual Series 1 Bridgeport located in his basement. Because of the difficulty in removing the machine to replace it with an automated mill the machinist decided to retrofit. The Bridgeport was in good condition and the fact that the machinist knew the history of the Bridgeport. So it made the most sense to retrofit the manual Series 1 Bridgeport using a MachMotion mill conversion kit.

The MachMotion Mill kit included ball screws, brackets, a complete z-axis conversion, electrical cabinet, and conversational software. The manual Series 1 Bridgeport was successfully converted, and the machinist avoided having to remove and replace the manual Series 1 Bridgeport.

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