MachMotion Core Buy Back Program

MachMotion Core Buy Back Program

Do you have anything to sell to defray the cost of your MachMotion control upgrade?

Don’t throw away your old control! Even though your old CNC system was a headache for you, the individual components may still have value.

MachMotion works with a network of used part dealers. Through these partnerships, we can offer you a $300-$1,500 credit towards the purchase of a new MachMotion control system for these components. All you have to do is send the components to us and we’ll credit your final invoice for the agreed upon amount.

If you’d like to see what your control is worth, make sure your sales engineer has a photo and the model number of your current control. Then we’ll be able to make an assessment of the credit we can offer. Then send a photo of your machine, control and open electrical enclosure as a response to the email to see how much your control credit is worth.

Note: MachMotion does not pay cash for components.