I noticed a fellow machinist (Sam @ Venom Defense) had some trouble this past weekend. He was hoping to get some production done over the weekend, but ran into a big problem…

The high-speed machining (HSM) trial feature had expired. The feature code costs $2600, but to get the necessary feature code he had to wait until Monday morning. Slow machining all weekend. (Btw, HSM is standard on MachMotion VMC controls, no code needed.)

So what’s high speed machining?

Typically, HSM refers to high feed rate, light chip-load, yet full-depth, milling passes with high spindle speeds. How does this benefit you?

  • Faster cycles times means more parts/$$
  • Extended tool life (less tool load)

A good CAM is necessary (our favorite is SolidCAM to generate the HSM tool path. SolidCAM’s unique software manages how the tool is engaged with the stock material and the chip thickness to maintain a consistent load on the tool, extending tool life all the while producing the fastest cycle time possible.

On the control side, older controls just can’t handle the g-code. They get overwhelmed and pause (burning up the tool) and are either too tight (choppy motion) or too loose (poor path following). Or without the feature code, newer controls just throttle the machine, limiting feed rates or don’t perform well, pausing and jerking through the cycle.

Again, MachMotion controls are HSM-ready out of the box, no expensive feature code necessary. The control can handle the immense amount of data for HSM and execute it flawlessly for fast and accurate part cycles.

Find out more information about the controls MachMotion offers.