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Conversational Assistant Drilling

Conversational Assistant Drilling Demo

Here is a demonstration of MachMotion’s conversational assistant drilling process.

Alexsys offers a simple and effective step by step drilling and pocketing routine that is seamlessly integrated to your machine control. The conversational assistant drilling offers stock definition options such as material type, stock shape, reference points and boundaries.

The conversational assistant software offers many different operations such as face milling, contouring, pocketing, side milling, center line, groove milling, engraving, drilling and many more. Each of these different operations have further features such as circular patterns, rectangular patterns and many more options.

Setting up tooling couldn’t be easier with Alexsys conversational assistant. This software offers a large tool library with predefined profiles for speeds and feeds. Alexsys also offers in-depth simulations of your program so you can be confidante before sending it off to the machine.

The Alexsys Conversational Assistant is seamlessly integrated with the MachMotion control.