Why should you backup?

To insure against loss of data, make sure to back up your control parameters to add an extra layer of redundancy. This protection will allow MachMotion’s support team to quickly get you back up and running.

Backing up your system is like taking a snap shot of its current condition, this will allow you to return to that exact state. Regular backups are important if you want the most up-to-date state of your controller. By having extra layers of redundancy, you protect your investment, save time, and get peace of mind.

Thankfully, MachMotion makes it easy to back up your system and also includes an “Automated Backup” feature.

When should you backup?

Do a “Master Backup” once on initial setup and transfer it off the machine, then after a month of running your controller without issue, do another “Master Backup”. Your MachMotion controller is by default setup to do a “General Backup” automatically every 10 days.

How to change the Automatic Backup Interval?

In case of a power outage or an accidental overwrite, it is wise to back up your control on a regular basis. It’s suggested to store these backups on to another computer or cloud service in case of damage to the controller.

  1. On the right hand side panel click the settings tab.
  2. Click the Configure button and the “Configurable Parameters” window will open.
  3. Scroll until you see “Backup;” here you can set the number of days.

How to safely backup?

There are two options depending on what type of backup you want, General Backup or Master Backup.

General Backup

There are two options depending on what type of backup you want, General Backup or Master Backup.

This procedure backs up files that the user changes regularly: fixture and tool tables, license files, and machine settings. The user will want to back up their control every few weeks. To do a general backup, please follow the steps below.

Begin by double clicking on the “Backup” shortcut on the desktop.

1: From the menu, select “Backup”.

2: Choose the desired location for saving the backup by clicking “Browse”.

3: The default location is on the C drive, but a USB flash drive or network location may be chosen instead.

4: Press OK. The program will then backup all the pertinent files.

5: When the backup is complete, the specified backup location will be shown.

Master Backup

This procedure backs up the entire Mach4 folder and all files used to set up the machine.

The user will want to employ a Master Backup after their machine is set up, and then because this backup is large rely on the general Backup throughout their use of the machine.

To do a master backup, follow the same procedure for Backup as listed above, but click “Master Backup” when prompted.

To download these instructions: Backup Program USER MANUAL