Mitsubishi Servo Drives & Motors

MachMotion is very impressed with the Mitsubishi AC brushless servo motors and drives excellent performance. They have "on-the-fly" auto tuning, very high resolution, and are very powerful.

We have developed a custom circuit board/connector to be able to accept a differential signal from our breakout board to eliminate electrical noise between our control and the Mitsubishi drives. When buying these drives with one of our controls, we program them to be able to work with most machines and provide our custom connector and cables to connect to our IO6 breakout board, and a 24V power supply for each set.
  • On the fly auto-tuning
  • Parameters for tuning or gearing can easily be changed with the buttons on the front of the drive.
  • High-accuracy positioning
    (Resolution per rotation: 131072)
  • High responsiveness
  • Connectors have been adapted for the servo amplifier terminal block reducing the time required for wiring.
  • Connectors are located on the front of the servo amplifier, thereby connecting the cables easily.
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